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SAP Montreal celebrated its third Innovation Week on Monday, May 16. Designed to give employees the flexibility to pursue high-potential innovative ideas, Innovation Week gives employees a full work week away from their desk job to ideate, design and bring to life creative new projects. Three teams participated in Inno-Week 3.0 and with the great success that two teams encountered with the global Intrapreneuship program, the stakes were higher than ever. Check out the awesome projects and teams below!

  • Team 1 (Event Registration Automation) Pascale Boyer, Robert Wang, Dany Charbonneau, Noorulain Khurshid

The Event Registration Automation team sought to avoid any physical documentation when organizing major corporate events. The team wanted to facilitate the registration process in that when people register, a QR (quick response) code is generated. At the event, the QR code could be read through a mobile device and the information could be stored for future tracking, analysis and reporting. This particular project could benefit many teams at SAP Montreal including operations, employee engagement teams and communications.

  • Team 2 (Halfpenny, smart Freight, smart-contract and crypto currency payments for the Freight forwarding process)  Hugo Levasseur, Eric Primeau, James Zdralek, Patrick Mascary, Ahmud Shabir Bheekun

The Smart Freight project consists of having crypto currency payments for the Freight Forwarding Process. The system uses state-of-the-art block chain technology to provide a solution for the importer/exporter payment market, a market traditionally ruled by the letter of credit: an old, expensive and inefficient payment instrument. Users of Halfpenny will be able to perform peer- to-peer settlements based upon automated condition verification provided by smart contracts.

  • Team 3 (Pay with a smartphone, get immediate detailed analytics of your buying behaviors) Yann Bouschet, Irla Rebelo, Andre de Santi Oliveira, Ankur Jain

The smartphone payment application provides immediate detailed analytics of buying behaviors. The current problem identified by the team was even though you can pay with a card or a cellphone, you cannot easily keep track of your purchases. The proposed solution is to create a useful encrypted summary of the transactions and retrieve this data with the smartphone while paying. The data could then immediately be sent to the cloud for archiving or deeper analysis.

Employees attended the event wrap up in record numbers – nearly 200 attendees – from both Duke and de Maisonneuve offices. The audience engaged with the teams during the presentations and went back and forth with Q&A sessions. After the presentations, the office celebrated with drinks and beverages before facing another big week. The audience members were also asked to vote for their favorite projects, in the hopes of further pursuing these innovative ideas.

After the result of the voting, the Halfpenny team were announced winners. Stay tuned for Innovation Week 4.0 which is scheduled to occur later in 2016.