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Building trust: The foundation of effective leadership

 Discover the power of trust-centered leadership and learn how to cultivate trust and loyalty among your team to drive success and create a strong, cohesive work culture. Stay tuned for valuable insig...


Como Iniciar uma Carreira SAP com dicas essenciais

Você já sonhou em se destacar no mundo da tecnologia empresarial? Descubra como você pode transformar esse sonho em realidade com nossas dicas essenciais para iniciar uma carreira de sucesso em SAP. D...


Our 2024 Trend Map: 10 lines to the Future of Work

Embarking on the Future of Work journey feels like exploring a new city – a dynamic and interconnected system full of destinations waiting to be explored. What usually helps best is having a clear map...


SAP Autism at Work: The Stories That Made Us

Stories capture our hearts. Stories can illustrate our experiences. SAP Autism at Work is launching a new series that captures the experiences and special moments in our colleagues' own words. We invi...


Get Inspired by Baiba's Success Story with SAP

Discover the inspiring journey of Baiba Blumberga, a determined young woman who navigated the challenges of an economic crisis and found her true calling in the tech industry – thanks to SAP.


How to become a Technology Evangelist

As an Innovation Evangelist for SAP, I often get asked "I'm interested in being a technology evangelist -- what should I do?" Here are some personal answers.


Career Corner Partner Chat with ADventas

At ADventas we have a strong focus on SAP S/4HANA Global Trade Management. Our team gives advice how to implement and enhance SAP S/4HANA GTM technically.


Inspirational Stories

In the heart of Austria, where the Alps whisper ancient tales to those who dare to listen, my tale unfolds—not in the skies as I once dreamed, but across the digital tapestry of information technology...

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