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The SAP internship experience, coined SAP iXp, has been an incredible experience since I began just a month ago.  The kick-off event, the iXp Summit, was held in San Francisco & featured a variety of guest speakers, networking opportunities, & bonding experiences. From making friends with fellow interns, learning about SAP, & meeting incredible people, I could tell my internship would be fulfilling.


I remember my favorite speakers at the event were Teri Citterman, an executive coach, & Jenny Dearborn, the Executive Vice President of Human Resources at SAP.  Both women showed their strengths, explained their perspectives on their experiences & gave us advice.   Teri helped us understand how leadership is not just learned or inherited, but a bit of both. She described how courage is a key factor driving her life & how we can use courage to drive ourselves as well.  Jenny spoke to us about the future, the changes to technology, & how to tap into our emotional intelligence to allow us to stand above artificial intelligence.  She evoked a sense of fear, but also a sense of hope with her humor & her wit, confirming how, as humans, we will always have abilities artificial intelligence never will.

Meeting & networking with various members of SAP, including fellow iXp interns, was remarkable.  Being able to see the different fields, perspectives along with where people were from, gave me insight to just how large SAP is, but also the amount of talent from people all over the world.  I met interns from Chicago, Peru, New York Vienna, & Washington, all with their own set of skills, experiences & perspectives.

A team of Interns working together during our Design Thinking workshop at the SAP iXp Summit.

To me, perspective is incredibly important.  I focus on learning from others by taking in other people’s perspectives. Being exposed to such diversity, during the iXp Summit & while meeting fellow interns, allowed me to grow my excitement for my internship.  As an undergraduate about to finish my college education, I feel I have found my forte in marketing.  For almost three years, I’ve dabbled in a mix of digital, channel & now product marketing, for various companies.  Each experience gave me different perspectives & insights to the various aspects of marketing, & only enticed me to learn more.


From day one, the iXp program told us we were doing & building things that matter, not only for the company, but also for our personal development.  I was happily surprised to have been assigned so much responsibility within my role & was eager to tackle the tasks at hand.  My first assignment was to lead a workbook project, which I was to oversee the development of, from start to end.  With the help of several co-workers planning, creating the scenarios for the workbook, & the images for reference, my portion of organizing, writing & piecing together the workbook was completed in just about a week.  As we continue to work on revising the document, I am proud of our accomplishments thus far & cannot wait to see the finished product.

Tapping into my own experience, I took on a social media project, working on content creation, specifically geared toward Twitter, in order to promote brand awareness. Using Twitter in a B2B format is new to me, & I found I truly enjoy learning the technical aspects of the product, what is interesting & important for our audience, & also being able to captivate the audience, while sticking to the brand voice.
A day in the life - doing real work that matters!

As my most recent project, I determined a new topic for a short video series our product uses to provide important tips & tricks, called the Productivity Power Play.  I felt there was not enough information about a specific feature, known in SAP Screen Personas as Quick Styles, which makes designing a dashboard quicker & branded.  For this project, I crafted the script, revised it several times with the help of the team, & filmed the segment, demonstrating the feature.


Though it has been about a month since I began my internship here at SAP, I have learned so much – not only about our specific product & product marketing – but also about myself.   The SAP iXp program has allowed me to expand my network, focus on various perspectives of my coworkers & peers, & understand the overall big picture SAP is working to accomplish. With various networking events constantly being accessible at the Palo Alto office, I enjoy attending with fellow iXp interns, learning from the panelists, & continuing to learn about SAP as a company & about myself.  I am eager & excited to continue to learn & grow & look forward to the remaining events SAP iXp has to offer throughout my internship.

Internship Appreciation Day at the San Francisco Giants game!