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On April 23, the Agri-intelligence prototype was exhibited at the SAP Roadshow in Maringá. The interest on showing this development at this event is because Paraná is a state with a lot of potential in the agribusiness industry, especially considering the cooperatives located in it. During the event in Maringá, the solution was presented to different SAP customers, which was a great opportunity to get feedback from the market.

“Professionally, the experience of developing a new idea from scratch, bringing it to a real solution, create a business model around it and interacting with customers in SAP events is a great opportunity to learn about SAP's commercial environment and increase our awareness on the initiatives taken by the company in the agribusiness. Furthermore, focusing on our value proposition, the possibility of helping farmers to make the most out of their plantations, increasing efficiency in their operations, is a quite inspiring goal to work for. Now, we are focused on productizing our functional prototype through a co-innovation project. We have some well-known agriculture companies very interested in the solution and we expect to run Proof of Concept very soon.”, said Mateus Mollmann, member of the group.

The solution was created during SAP Labs LA's Innoweek and it aims to allow farmers to make more assertive decisions on resources allocation, based on a periodic and proactive monitoring of crop fields using a Drone. The prototype was presented at SAP Forums in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil, and this week the group is at the Agrishow event in Ribeirão Preto, one of the world's largest and most comprehensive agricultural technology trade show.

For more information about this project, please contact Mateus Mollmann or Gustavo Camargo.

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