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“There are no happy endings. Endings are the saddest part. So just give me a happy middle and a very happy start.” ~Shel Silverstein

It was by chance that Shiva and me were talking on Diversity and on the recently concluded People Weeks that we came to the topic of Autism and whats is being done here by SAP. He asked me whether I am interested to meet the people who have been recently on-boarded as part of the 'Autism Drive' .

I realized this would be a great way to make my team aware of the on-goings and also give them a chance to meet with the ASD interns to understand their experience and journey. So one thing led to another and Archana was most helpful to arrange for a short casual meeting with them.

It was a very happy interaction. They are a jolly bunch and extremely enthusiastic and extremely candid too!

They introduced themselves and shared their interests, hobbies and what the like and don't like (there were none) about SAP.

Some liked music, some surfing the net, watching movies on youtube.

They wanted to learn further on different technologies and interface designs and some in art and sketching.Few also had more leanings towards philosophy and others on sports like soccer.

One thing was albeit common - They really liked the food in SAP :smile: .

They also shared their feelings on Bangalore - on being such a multicultural city and they were extremely glad that SAP has given them an opportunity to explore.

The ASD interns belong from different parts of the country - some were  Lucknow, some from Mumbai , 'Madras', Bangalore ...

Their hobbies differed and so did their confidence in coming up and introducing themselves - but they had one common and strong goal - to learn, to explore and further learn and further explore - their ultimate aim was to get a job at SAP.

They demo'ed to us, how using LEGO, they have programmed to draw a figure of '8' which was absolutely awesome. They asked what we do as part of our work and why we do and how we do.

At the end of it all, I could also see the smiles and joy on everyone's face in that room and I strongly felt that we ought to have more such interactions and discussions.I have given them an open invitation to the group to come and sit with us to see and learn how we work and join us for lunch to have more 'FUN'.

Lastly , A Big 'Thank You' to Archana for this wonderful opportunity and looking forward to such interactions also in the future.You guys are doing a great job and we will be most happy to help here :smile:


PI SE Suite Engineering Team1