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Earlier this year I posted the blog Find Your Case for the Mondays that shared the story of 10 SAP Volunteers coaching young entrepreneurs on Monday nights to launch and operate their own business.

Since that post, Muggen, a Junior Achievement Company sponsored by SAP, expanded its products and operations from Toronto-inspired "ShareYourCity mugs and digital campaign to a global #Shareyourworld traveler mug with a digital campaign that included a world map of pins of customer posts of their favourite cities around the world. As of last week, the program concluded and the company was liquidated.

Monday's became a meaningful day for the SAP volunteers and students. While the word Monday is derived from Old English Mōnandæg which means "moon day" our group created our own meaning for Monday which is "mentoring day".

On our last Monday night together, the students presented the mentors with our own special edition Thank You mugs and the following video:

Over 1000 hours were spent running the program and the meaning of this day still holds strong for the SAP volunteer team and students. We have all learned that mentoring truly matters and will carry on our meaning for this day.

SAP Toronto Volunteer Team: carolyn.fitton jennifer.cutajar, peter.wong100, Ron Sookram, Adrian Wagner, jeffrey.leith, Kent Yu, Marcus Pridham, Mentro Deonarine, muzna.siddiqi, hong.jiao/profile

Special Guest Volunteers: wayne.pau, michael.gorelik, Peter Chen (JA Alumni)