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SAP Labs France has several development departments, one of them is the Solution Manager Development entity. This team focuses on the development of the applications that work with Solution Manager. This time for Inside SAP Labs; I wanted to show how this team works and how is Life at SAP Labs France from  the view of a Development Manager.

Olena Kushakovska who is SAP Development Manager and Mobile Development Program Lead. @ SAP Labs France, gave for Inside SAP Labs an insight on her daily work and why she's passionate about it.

1.       What does your department do?

AGS, Development of SAP Solution Manager.

2.       What do you do in this department?

Development manager, mobile development program lead, responsible for development of SAP HANA Rapid Prototype Scenario services as well as Solution Manager Unified directory graphical interface.

3.       When and how did you start doing this job?

In different capacities for about 2 years now. I started this job for different reasons:

Mobile development – early belief in future of mobile in enterprise and personal desire to contribute to it; HANA RPS Services – change of responsibility due to internal re-org; SMUD graphical interface – department priority.

4.       How is your typical working day on this entity?

I start around 8:15, try to have 1 productive working hour within a system before mails start pouring in: coding, doing design/code reviews etc.  Then I have mostly meetings, phone calls and mails with team, stakeholders, HR business partners, management, roughly until 17:00, when the cadence of mails and phone calls dies out.

I have a team in Tunis working with us, and it takes a lot of communication to keep them engaged. Then I try to finish some mails or presentations which take longer to prepare. If I have sometime left I try to continue with some of on-line courses I am trying to take (soft skills or technical).

If the day is not finished too late, I try to do some sport (I do dressage). Then I catch-up with LinkedIn or do some other social professional activities mostly at home.

5.       Which methodology do you use for developing solutions?

Agile, Test Driven Development and technically SAPUI5 where possible

6.       What makes you passionate about your job?

            I sincerely like working for SAP, I think it is profoundly good company (good as in “opposite to evil” :smile: ); I like my team and I like working with them.

In SAP most of the people are really genuinely willing to help customers and each other and it is a great working culture.

7.       What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on and what was it about? Why did you like it?

SAP Solution Manager mobile development. I was a program lead for the 2nd wave of SAP Solution manager mobile apps development.

It was challenging project with about 80% of unknown when we started, great team effort and spirit along the way and it is finished with successful delivery on time, in scope and quality ;).

8.       How is the interaction among your team members?

We are a very interactive, friendly and open team ;), we discuss/chat  a lot together, use each other as “sounding board” for ideas and thoughts; We have regular meetings with Tunisian colleagues, try to have lunch together . Generally everyone can talk about everything openly. We are trying to have some fun in our work also.

Finally, here some pics of our hard working team !! :smile:

If you want to know more about Solution Manager Development  you can contact

Olena Kushakovska :

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