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One of the biggest achievements of the year happened on April 1st, when PSD LA&C was nominated as the Service Center of the Year 2014 in recognition of our success. We received the award as a result of the great enthusiasm, energy and positive attitude PSD has shown by delivering impressive business results.

We also had a great success story in LAC which was the Gamification Project. Supported by SAP Labs Latin America structure and our innovative environment, our team had the opportunity to experience the first Gamification project inside PSD Global Structure.

PSD employees have shown a beautiful sense of professionalism and teamwork in order to support and succeed in this innovative initiative.

  • The Gamification methodology allowed PSD to increase its number of Cloud certifications by 80% in three weeks.
  • We had 94% of employee participation rate.
  • The success of this project resulted in an invitation to apply the methodology in the D-KOM events in four different locations around the globe – Palo Alto, Bangalore, Shanghai and Waldorf.

In addition to our list of achievements, in 2014 we also had the Partner Innovation Experience event. As symbol of our accountability and trust with SAP Labs and other LOBs, PSD LA&C held this huge event at SAP Labs Latin America in collaboration with Global Partner Operations LA&C. We had 189 participants, representing 65 partners from 8 different countries. During this two-day event, Partners had the opportunity to better understand the SAP strategy and to learn how to create new business opportunities.

After the great year we had, my only wish is to take this opportunity to thank the entire team for the support, trust, responsibility and energy in delivering our services. I feel proud of serving  this great team at SAP Labs Latin America and confident that 2015 will be full of accomplishments too.

PSD LA&C rocks!

By Ricardo Cruz, Head of PSD LAC