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For whom is SAP for Me ( intended, is a question I am often asked. I would like to go into this in more detail in this blog.

As I told you in a previous blog (see: What is SAP for Me), SAP for Me is based on the basic idea of bringing a lot of information together in one place. To achieve this, we use the rules of semantics and link different types of information with common context. We often find it easier to establish these information relationships, compared to the customer who often must work this out laboriously and often does not know where individual information types are hidden in the multitude of information sources.

If you take this idea as a basis, it becomes clear that especially people with a cross-information interest have or will get a high value from SAP for Me. But of course, our vision is that SAP for Me is also for everyone who enters into a formal communication with SAP. So, our long-term goal is that everyone can benefit from SAP for Me.


Our current focus on roles

Of course, we cannot look at all roles at once, which is why we have initially focused on roles that have special information requirements. Here we see above all the enterprise architect, who must have an overview of large parts of the company from a software perspective and for whom information from the license perspective, from the product perspective and also from the system perspective is important. An enterprise architect is always on the lookout for ways to optimize his/her company. Thus, this role also has an interest in not only understanding the current state but also investigating possible options going forward, evaluating them, and even preparing decisions. I went deeper into the Enterprise Architect and his/her requirements in my blog "How Enterprise Architects benefit from SAP for Me".

In addition to the Enterprise Architect, another exciting role we see is the License Manager and the Buyer or Purchaser respectively. They all need information that so far has digitally only been provided in parts by SAP. Questions such as what my current SAP software licenses are, how are they used, which orders match which licenses, which invoices have come in and how do they also match the licenses, are all questions that this role must answer. Here, too, we see that SAP for Me can provide a great deal of added value. I will be writing a blog on this soon as well.

The third role that we have in our focus involves the support manager or even individual support staff. Here we also see opportunities to cover the information needs of this role. Like how we have already created the product views in SAP for Me, we want to illuminate the available service portfolio from a support perspective and much more in the near future.


How to log on to SAP for Me

In addition to the roles we focus on, another frequently asked question is how these users can log on to SAP for Me. Since we are deliberately targeting roles that may not yet be familiar with S-Users, I would like to briefly explain which user types are or will be relevant for us.

First and foremost, the most important technical user type for us is the S-User. The S-User has a long history at SAP to connect to support systems and other SAP tool and enables SAP to identify the affiliation between a person and a company. This way we can of course provide the maximum of information because we know the customer and the content and can provide it to the user. We will talk about Business Access in the future, when we referring to this scenario. If you are interested to learn more about the S-User concept, I recommend this place:

Another interesting user type is the P-User. The P-User is used in the SAP community, for example, and in some parts also in the context of learning content at SAP. We are currently in the process of giving this technical user type access to SAP for Me. Of course, there are no reliable relations for us between a P-User and a company, so we can only display content that exists in the context of the P-User. We will talk about Personal Access in the future, when we refer to this scenario.


The picture above shows a rough overview of how we want to define Business and Personal Access. As you can see, we will also provide a Public Access for anonymous users in the future. More about this at a later time.

Since the picture also talks about SAP Universal ID (short UID), I would like to reference it here as well. SAP UID is mainly to be understood as an authentication step, for now. Especially if you have multiple S-Users or P-Users, you might find a relief with UID. SAP Universal ID helps you to authenticate once and then go on with one of the technical user types that are “linked” to your personal UID. SAP for Me supports SAP Universal ID. Learn more about SAP Universal ID here:



I would like to conclude this blog with the question which authorizations are available in SAP for Me. Of course, SAP for Me supports the existing authorization framework behind the S-User concept. Here I have already created a blog which you can find here:


I hope you like this blog and you find this information helpful. If you have questions or want to share your thoughts, just drop me a comment in blog.


All the best,


Chief Product Owner – SAP for Me

Twitter: JJComment 

LinkedIn: JJComment

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