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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
**Update on June 23, 2023**

Starting June 29, 2023, the SAP ONE Support Launchpad will redirect you to SAP for Me without further prompts. Find more information in My Support

SAP strives to provide a more harmonized and integrated support experience that is simple to use and available for all SAP solutions. As a major step in this direction, the SAP ONE Support Launchpad is migrating to SAP for Me as your central entry point for SAP support, alerts, metrics, and insights into your SAP product portfolio.

  • Starting April 22, 2023, when accessing the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, you receive a pop-up redirecting you to SAP for Me:

    • You will have the option to stay in the launchpad in case needed until the deprecation date, if you click on ‘Continue with the SAP ONE Support Launchpad for now’.

    • Important note: If you choose ‘Make SAP for Me my new entry point’, your choice will be remembered and the next time you try to open the SAP ONE Support Launchpad homepage or a bookmarked application, SAP for Me will automatically start for you. You can go back to the SAP ONE Support Launchpad from SAP for Me by clicking on your ‘User Profile’


  • Starting June 29, 2023, SAP for Me will be the central entry point, and the SAP ONE Support Launchpad homepage will be deprecated. If you try to open the launchpad homepage or any bookmark, you will be automatically redirected to SAP for Me without further prompts. Redirects will bring you to the respective place in SAP for Me. In case you’d like to see an overview, review Where can launchpad tiles be found in SAP for Me?

After signing into SAP for Me with your SAP S-user ID or your SAP Universal ID and accepting the terms of use, you can:

  • perform your support-related tasks e.g., submitting a case or chatting with an expert leveraging the new step-by-step guided 'Get Support' application.

  • view personalized content for your product portfolio including a holistic overview of your licenses, orders, consumption status, and perform other self-services, e.g., cloud system provisioning - all in your preferred language.


If you have any questions or concerns during the transition, we have several resources to support you including:


SAP for Me is made for you – explore today!



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