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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
**Update on June 29, 2023**

Updated screenshots with latest UI, and deprecation date of SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

We want to make things simpler, easier to use and to provide a harmonized support experience with everything you need.

Today, we are pleased to share with you that all applications known from SAP ONE Support Launchpad are now fully integrated into SAP for Me, your personalized central entry point to SAP’s support. Currently both SAP ONE Support Launchpad and SAP for Me are running in parallel to ensure a smooth transition, and SAP ONE Support Launchpad is targeted to be deprecated June 29, 2023.

How to navigate in SAP for Me?

Previously you used ‘tiles’ in SAP ONE Support Launchpad to perform your support related tasks, e.g., ‘Report an incident’ or ‘License Keys’. Now in SAP for Me you can find them in ‘dashboards’ displayed as ‘cards’. Let’s look at SAP for Me:

  1. Search bar: You can use the search to find and navigate to more information. The result list displays all findings organized into categories such as SAP Knowledge Base, Dashboards and Pages, Downloads, Contacts, Products, Licenses, and more. There are quick actions available in your search results: you can directly call a contact or download a support package. By searching and clicking on an SAP Knowledge Base Article, the portal leads you to the full SAP Note / SAP Knowledge Base Article where you can read the content.

  2. Communication center: You can find your notifications here.

  3. Shopping card: Useful in case you are responsible for buying licenses.

  4. Your profile: Information about your accounts, contact preference, email, etc.

  5. Home page: You can leverage and customize the home page, so that it serves as the starting point in SAP for Me to reach every important application with one click. Find more information in this blog New Personalized Onboarding to SAP for Me Home Page

  6. Calendar: You can see the important event dates e.g., planned maintenance for cloud services, license key expiry, Schedule an Expert or Schedule a Manager sessions, SAP Security Patch Days, etc. in one single view. Clicking on the event, you will be able to see more details of it or join your Schedule an Expert/ Schedule a Manager session directly.

  7. Sidebar: It is divided into a set of dashboards containing all data and functions SAP for Me offers. Depending on your role, you will either only see the Customer or Partner dashboards or both. You can collapse it to gain more space on the right side.

  8. Feedback slider: We offer dedicated channels for a specific purpose. It is important to choose the right channel to reach the correct people and get a fast reaction on your input.

    • ‘Suggest a Feature‘ leads you to SAP Influence. This tool gives you the opportunity to suggest a new feature which could be helpful and you can also vote on existing suggestions.

    • ‘Contact Us’ leads you to the case/incident wizard. You can report technical issues like an error or unexpected behavior on component XX-SER-FORME to get in touch with SAP support colleagues. Please note, with this prefilled component you also need to select one (any) option in the “System” and “Product Area” field to submit the case.

    • The ‘Star rating’ gives you the possibility to share your opinion. Select a rating and tell us what you think about the SAP for Me dashboards and functions. At the end you can decide if you want to get in touch with us. If you agree, we will see your email address next to your feedback and contact you in case more details are required.

Did the way I perform my support tasks change?

Most of the the support tasks retain the same look and feel as in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad to ensure a smooth transition, e.g., ‘Support User Management’.  if you would like to create a new S-user or add authorizations, you can click on the ‘Support User Administration’ card either from your home page, or the ‘Users & Contacts’ dashboard:

Some of the former applications are more deeply integrated and optimized in SAP for Me. Two major examples are related to checking the cloud availability and license consumption information:

  • The License Utilization Information Application provides a comprehensive overview of SAP license entitlements and SAP software usage for and SAP on-premise customers. You can access it under tab ‘Consumption‘ in the 'Finance & Legal' dashboard in SAP for Me. It provides a comprehensive overview of licenses, order items, product portfolio and consumption information in one place. The data is being updated daily for public cloud and for on-premise it is up to you when to upload the consumption data accordingly. For each data there is an option to access trend views, to see how the usage has developed throughout time. This will help to manage the license agreement, to monitor the usage and to plan your budget in the future.

The mapping document provides an easy overview of the mapping between SAP ONE Support Launchpad tiles and SAP for Me cards.

What are the new features in SAP for Me?

  • Drag and drop: We heard your feedback to be able to drag and drop the cards and now it is possible! If some cards have a higher priority for you, you can easily drag and drop them to your preferred location within the same tab of a dashboard.

  • Finance & Legal: Besides the support features migrated from the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, SAP for Me has more transparency across your complete SAP portfolio. It is possible to check the contract data, consumption data, or explore/buy more licenses directly from SAP for Me.

  • More self-services: SAP for Me enables self-provisioning for cloud services or paying invoices online for example

SAP for Me is made for you!


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