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Product and Topic Expert

‘Customer Insights‘ Dashboard is Live in SAP for Me – First Release.

 ‘Customer Insights‘ dashboard  is a new interactive reporting which has been developed in SAP for Me to power the success of your SAP investment with proactive and timely status updates of your SAP solutions across all products, support contracts and deployment types.

It uses analytical capabilities for a holistic customizable overview of your product portfolio, your support entitlements, cases management, system landscape, cloud availability, license utilization, cloud usage and adoption, support services, consumption of the SAP Enterprise Support offerings and more.

The analytical tools, filters and customizing options help you to quickly find the data you are looking for. Additionally they enable you to create a tailored reporting according to your preferences, which is available as a self-service at any time it is needed.

Starting Page

You can access the first version of the ‘Customer Insights‘ dashboard through SAP for Me ‘Reporting’ dashboard in the left-side-menu or using the direct link:

 ‘Customer Insights‘ dashboard  has been developed in SAP for Me due to the transition of the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. As part of the transition, the ‘Customer Insights‘ dashboard will replace in the future the  SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit which you might know from the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

First Release Scope

The first release of 'Customer Insights' dashboard contents following data sections:

  • Customizable ‘Entry page‘ containing most important KPIs for a quick overview.

  • ‘Purchased solutions‘, materials, and orders (will be released a few days later).

  • ‘Support contracts and Support Premium engagements‘.

  • ‘Systems landscape‘.

  • ‘Cases sent to SAP‘, their status, processing time and feedback.

All data sections can be customized and adjusted according to your individual reporting requirements. Using the analytical capabilities you can analyze the data in one place, bring it into a relation, use different filter to change the focus, customize and personalize the content you want to see etc.

Value and Benefits of the ‘Customer Insights‘ dashboard

  • The new ‘Customer Insights‘ dashboard combines a wide range of KPIs across different SAP for Me dashboards in one single reporting.

  • It focuses on historical analytical data and analyzes the status of your SAP solutions and the support situation.

  • ‘Customer Insights‘ dashboard displays data on the single customer account level or on corporate structure level in one dashboard independent of the deployment type, support contract or products.

  • It provides a range of new customization and personalization features for a tailored reporting according to your individual needs.

  • It offers new filters to slice and dice the information depending on your focus to view the data from different angle e.g. by support contract, by deployment type, by product / solution area or for individual systems etc.

  • ‘Customer Insights‘ dashboard is available to all customers independent of the support contract

First Access and Required Authorization:

To access the new  ‘Customer Insights‘ dashboard in SAP for Me you need an S-user with the authorization Display Support situation reporting (technical name ESRCDISP). If you already have accessed the SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit in SAP ONE Support Launchpad you do not need to apply for a new authorization.  For details, please see this SAP Knowledge Base Article KBA 3336856

‘Customer Insights’ dashboard is an analytical reporting, not real-time reporting. Please note that the data can be updated every 24 hours.

For the first access the data has to be loaded from the data base. Depending on your authorization it can be data for a single customer account or for the several accounts from the corporate structure. If your S-user has authorization on the Customer Center of Expertise (CCOE) level and is authorized to see more than one account, in your first login you will get ALL accounts displayed which you are authorized for. While the data is loading you will see a screen as below where all your accounts are listed. Depending on the number of accounts it might take some time for the first data load. You can also select single account(s) to be updated.

First access / data load


When data has been loaded you can continue with the application.

If you access ‘Customer Insights’ dashboard after more than 24 hours again, you will be asked if you wish to update the data or if you wish to continue with the data which you have loaded before.

In the filter “Customer” / Tab “Recent” you always can see the accounts you recently used or change your selection.

Release Strategy

The new ‘Customer Insights‘ dashboard will be released in phases to fully replace the current SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit at the end. Below you can see the planned realization roadmap* for 2023/2024.

Release Strategy

With the next releases we will include additional content into the ‘Customer Insights' dashboard:

  • Cloud Availability Overview,

  • SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace coverage and consumption,

  • Cloud License Consumption,

  • Cloud Business Usage and Adoption,

  • Product Maintenance status overview for on-premise and private cloud,

  • Support services, delivered and planned,

  • SAP Enterprise Support Academy consumption,

  • and more.

We also plan to increase the automatization and offer a customizable automated template-based printed report with selectable content for meetings and archiving purposes.

The next changes will be announced in the "CustomerInsights" blogs. Stay tuned for further news.

The development of ‘Customer Insights‘ dashboard happens in close collaboration with customers. If you want to further shape the new reporting application ‘Customer Insights‘ dashboard, your input is very appreciated.

Please use the ‘Feedback’ slider on the right edge of the SAP for Me page to share with us your feedback on this new tool and help us to improve the reporting functionality in SAP for Me.

Stay updated by subscribing to this blog and visiting the SAP Support Portal / Customer Insights.

SAP for Me is made for you!

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