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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
As shared in our previous blog post, the SAP ONE Support Launchpad is migrating to SAP for Me: Starting April 22*, you will receive a pop-up asking you to 'Make SAP for Me your new entry point’.

SAP for Me is your new personalized central entry point for SAP support, alerts, metrics, and insights into your SAP product portfolio. Together with this migration, we will introduce a new Get Support’ application, ‘Case List’ and structure of the Services & Support‘ dashboard.


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New ‘Get Support’ Application

NOTE: This feature is planned to go live on April 20, 2023*.

The new Get Support’ application provides a guided and harmonized support experience in SAP for Me. It represents a central access point to previously detached applications:

  • 'Report an Incident' (now called a 'Case')

  • Expert Chat

  • Schedule an Expert

  • Ask an Expert Peer

  • SAP Community

With the migration of the SAP ONE Support Launchpad to SAP for Me, we change the terminology from ‘Incident’ to ‘Case’. 'Case' is the new name for getting technical help in SAP for Me but no matter if you type ‘Case’ or ‘Incident’ or ‘Message’ in the ‘Search’ field on top of the page, we’ll make sure that you always find the correct applications. For more information read the SAP Knowledge Base Article 3067028.

Once you have provided sufficient information about your product issue, artificial intelligence (AI) will predict the correct issue categorization based on success rates for similar cases reported in the past. It also helps to report critical issues effectively by guiding you through the ‘Business Impact’ analysis. The most suitable ‘Support Channel’ is recommended afterwards to resolve the matter fast and efficiently.


But that's not all: While you are entering details about the technical problem, integrated decision trees and AI tools identify potential solutions in real time, so you can narrow down the problem area, or find the root cause and a solution.

If none of these recommendations resolves the problem, a step-by-step form will steer you through the process and help you to specify all essential details. An omnichannel approach ensures a seamless support experience across devices: Start describing the issue on your smart phone, then finalize it on a computer, or vice-versa.

To use the Get Support’ application, your S-user continues to need the authorization ‘Report an Incident’ or ‘Send Incidents to SAP’, similarly as in the launchpad.


New ‘Case List’ Application

NOTE: This feature is planned to go live on April 20, 2023*.

The 'Case List' is your central inbox to manage reports of technical issues for your whole company and, if you are an SAP partner, for your end customers. It lists cases sent to SAP or a partner, but also drafts and upcoming phone calls with an SAP product expert if you have booked a ‘Schedule an Expert’ or ‘Schedule a Manager’ session.


New Structure of Services & Support’ Dashboard

NOTE: This feature is planned to go live on April 20, 2023*.

To reflect the go-live of the new ‘Case List’ and Get Support’ application, and to improve the findability of cards, the structure of the Services & Support’ dashboard has been amended and now features the following sections:


  • ‘KBAs & Notes’ (formerly Knowledge Base)

Contains information like ‘SAP Security Notes’, ‘SAP HotNews’, favorite notes, etc. In addition, the integration cards are pre-populated with the top five results.

  • ‘Cases’

Lists all cases managed by you or your colleagues if you have the required authorizations, plus ‘Schedule an Expert’ session information in case you scheduled one.

  • ‘Service Requests’

Lists all services for your cloud systems that you have requested.


Important to know for the migration from SAP ONE Support Launchpad to SAP for Me

If you set up personalised ‘Case Lists’ in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, you will have to manually recreate them in SAP for Me. After April 20*, you can do so in SAP for Me 'Services & Support' dashboard -> 'Cases' tab -> use the filtering options to narrow down the items -> click on the down arrow -> click on 'Save As' and enter a name. For more information, please read this SAP Knowledge Base Article 2931236.


In case of questions or concerns during the transition, we have several resources to support you including:


SAP for Me is made for you – explore today!


*Dates are preliminary

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