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What is the new Case Automatic Confirmation Time? 

SAP for Me will adjust its automatic confirmation time from 30 days to 21 days from September 21st, 2023. This change aligns more closely with Cloud Support Industry best practices and ITIL standards.

Benefits for you

  • More up to date and accurate "Case List"

  • Harmonized auto closure experience across SAP Products more aligned with Cloud Support and ITIL standards

Automatic Confirmation Process Flow

When a case is sent to you from SAP support in status "SAP Proposed Solution", "Customer Action", or "Partner-Customer Action" the automatic timer will begin. If the case is not updated and sent back to SAP by you for further processing, it will automatically close after 21 calendar days.
Note: for Ariba/Fieldglass non S-user customer contact cases, automatic closure is 10 days.

What to do if you need more time? 

In SAP for Me > Services & Support > Case List > My Open Cases:In your Case List, you can check any cases that are approaching 21 days in status "SAP Proposed Solution", "Customer Action", or "Partner-Customer Action". If more time is needed to validate the solution; for testing; or a planned time off, you can reset the auto confirmation timer by sending the case back to SAP.

Example text to send to SAP:

"Dear SAP Support, 

Sending back to SAP as more time is needed before the new automatic closure time of 21 days. 

Please return to us and our team will update again in due course.

Best Regards, 

[Customer's name]" 

Recommended Best Practice - Manual Case Confirmation

We recommend confirming cases manually as it allows you to provide immediate survey feedback aimed at enhancing your support experience. However, for cases not manually confirmed, the new automatic confirmation time will provide a more harmonized and ITIL standard aligned auto confirmation experience across SAP products. Additionally, it will ensure a more up to date, accurate "Case List" that will help manage your most precious resource in this busy 24×7 business world – time.

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