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Facing a technical question related to your SAP product? SAP Support’s live support channel Schedule an Expert let’s you book a 30-minute call with an SAP Support expert so you can collaborate live on a technical topic of interest – at a time that is convenient for you.

Schedule an Expert is one of Product Support’s live channel option to obtain help and direct support on technical questions related to any product. It is part of SAP’s Real-Time Support approach.

Available for all support levels and almost all solutions at no additional cost, Schedule an Expert is a useful tool for addressing new topics or booking a session to work through open, existing cases. You have access to the same SAP engineers that you would create a case with​. The SAP expert works with you directly, so you receive faster issue resolution and get answers when and where you need them.

Schedule an Expert for new issues

When a new technical issue is arising, Schedule an Expert is best for Low or Medium priority issues. By speaking to the SAP Support expert in a live 30-minute call, you benefit from quicker resolution time compared to a traditional Low/Medium support ticket. In the MS teams call you can even share your screen for better understanding. Book an appointment at least 48 hours in advance to allow engineers ​to prepare.

Schedule an Expert for open incidents

Schedule an Expert can also be used if you would like to check how a case is progressing. Here, you can use the 30-minute live call and discuss your existing low, medium or high priority case with the SAP expert. This way, you benefit from less ping pong and more efficient case processing. Scheduled appointments require a minimum of 24 hours notice to allow engineers to prepare for the session.

Schedule an Expert is an ideal choice for SAP customers that:

  • Prefer a live conversation with a support expert, instead of instant messaging or submitting written cases

  • Find screen sharing as a useful tool for illustrating an issue

  • Need to schedule colleagues on a call with SAP support

  • Look for tips that can help them prevent cases

  • Want to speak to an SAP expert to address an open issue

 How to get started?

You can access Schedule an Expert through SAP for Me, which provides a central place for users to access all support channels provided by SAP. The channel is embedded into the traditional case creation process. Start by filing a regular case and fill out the relevant details. While you fill out the form, the system helps you by predicting further information for you with the help of artificial intelligence. The system finally recommends the best support channel for you. You can still choose the channel you want from the available list. Follow the process and finally book your session at a time that suits you best.

SAP for Me: How to start a Schedule an Expert session

Start using Schedule an Expert today to streamline your support experience and speed your time to issue resolution.


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