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It would be a great honor to first of all share a blog and if it to share my experience of attending the legendary tech knowledge event # sitBLR. And what if it goes to my first blog post? I have no words to explain how I feel .


The experience which I had was a bit adventurous. I travelled from Pondicherry (covered around 310 Kms in 8 hours with 5 stops in between ) to attend the event in my activa . This is one of the best experience which I had. The travel was really worthy .And the excitement of attending the event hosted by the heros of SAP made me take up the challenge . As an add-on to this , I was doubly excited to meet the legends like @sriprasad.shivarambhat , mitesh.shah, nitin9torres .


At last I some how managed to reach the event on time . The travel had completely drained me out . Just by the moment I stepped into the Hall where the event was happening , I heard a voice a familiar voice which boosted me like anything and without knowing I was actually running into the hall to see the person’s face . Yes it was none other than DJ Adams . He is a great inspiration to many of us . I wonder how this man is so dedicated and energetic ? . It was around 5 am there in his place ,when he was online and that too delivering a speech on some topic in live . And that’s why we call him The Developer Hero .


There is another man who is equally known for his dedication and energetic whom I had got a chance to meet in person for the first time . Who is none other than the keynote speaker of the day . Mr. Mitesh Shah the VP at SAP SCP India . It was a wonderful keynote and i got to know lot of things on the SAP Cloud Platform . He responded patiently for all the queries asked on Cloud platform by our community colleagues .


Keynote by Mitesh Shah –


Coming to the main picture , which are nothing but the sessions.

All the sessions are really good , both from the content wise and also from the presentations . I had a great opportunity to learn a lot from the people who had presented . First presentation was one of the best presentations . The person who delivered this presentation , we can describe him with a wonderful phrase as The Expert among all CPI experts or it would be more apt if we call him " the Bahubali of CPI region " who is none other than sriprasad.shivarambhat . His presentation on the topic Integration Advisor in SAP Cloud Platform Integration was pretty cool and more informative .


sriprasad.shivarambhat  ‘s Session on Integration Advisor in SAP Cloud Platform Integration


If I had to share my experience as a CPI consultant , this person is one of gurus . I still have his blog on cloud connectors bookmarked with me . I personally know him as Mr.Cool . Who is none other than   nitin9torres . He had presented on Building Microservices based architecture using Docker and Kubernetes which is one of the most impressive topics . And as usual he had nailed it with his cool .


Nithin Deshpande ‘s cool presentation on Building Microservices based architecture using Docker and Kubernetes


And obviously while talking about the sessions , mine was the last and closing session of the SIT BLR Feb 2020 ? .

As it is February , I had chosen a romantic topic “ What if Outlook proposes CPI with a PDF ring “. I love screenplay and direction , so I had driven my presentation also in the same way .At the end of the session I had got a good feedback too . To be frank it was my first solo presentation. More than the feedback ,I love the moment when people strongly compete with each other in answering the quiz which was conducted based on my session .


Please check for the complete event on Youtube and Open SIT site –



While I speak about my experience in SIT BLR , It is this person who made it possible for me to attend this session . He is the one who encouraged me to present a topic and now he is the one who made me write this blog too ? . Without him I m sure SIT BLR Feb 2020 would have been a dream . He is none other the Hero of SAP sudip.ghosh4 .. He is more than a friend , he is a brother of mine .  He had struggled really hard to get this event successful . It is my duty to specially thank him for this opportunity . And about the other organizers shaileshnaik , harsha.kotni , ashutosh.anand have done a great job . The two anchors dipti.jena and srishti_k1 my sisters , they had hosted the show very well .


This SIT BLR had paved a good way for me to making some good friends like  arunkumarsapabap .


There was spin-wheel contest, winners of those got the SAP Press Books and Sippers . Luckily I was the last person to win the Spin wheel contest  ???.


As a dessert of the show there was great closing note which was delivered by Sudip Gosh .


It feels really great to be a part of SAP Community family .



Once again, a big thank you to all the Attendees, Speakers & Organizers…

See you all soon in the next #SITBLR Show . Until then Cheers and have fun ?


Thanks and regards,

Hariharan. M

SAP Integration consultant