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After such a long break attended awesome in person SAP community event - SAP Inside Track Bengaluru - 2022  with fantastic participants,speakers,sponsors and organizing team.

Keynote by our energising leader sindhu.gangadharan SVP & MD, SAP Labs India set right stage for community event and its future. Thanks to Sindhu for such a vibrant leadership and motivating community members in person over a weekend event.

Followed by  key note we had several informatiive sessions by fellow community members to keep whole day occupied and interesting.

Got a great opportunity to present SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology ( ISA- M ) with a demo and hope it was very well received by our community members.

You can access presentation content here.Also refer below community call to familiarize with Integration Assessment tooling.

Kudos to our #SITBLR oraganizing committe members and volunteers for all the efforts. abhishek.chatterjee  maheshkumar.palavalli syambabu.allu lalitmohan7443 vijay.simha Pavan kumar Jagadeesh Krishna Kishor Kammaje !!

Kudos to you guys and looking forward for many more community events in India!


Thanks to event sponsors with so many goodies to carry memories and encouraging community event.

Finally thanks to all the participants for spending their weekend time with us to make event very successfull.

Thanks maheshkumar.palavalli  for all effort you put in to keep our commuity events alive and looking forward for many more sap community events in our region!

Also would love to see more participations in our future community events.Please join SAP Community Group and keep upto date with further events.


Sriprasad Shivaram Bhat