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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Everyone,

SAP Certification is a great way to prove your competence and boost your CV as you enter the SAP ecosystem. This is why we are provisioning some free certifications to new talent as they enter the ecosystem via various programs and initiatives being run by SAP and its partners. 

Oftentimes, these free certification attempts are provided via "campaign codes" that allow you to discount the cost of the certification to 0. Here is the guide to follow in order to apply your campaign code

Depending on your region, browser settings and account information, the redemption may not work as intended. If you encounter any issues with your redemption, try the following:

1. Clear the cache on your browser, then try again.

2. Try a different web browser. 

3. Try logging in and redeeming the code on a mobile device.

4. If none of these avenues of approach of the blog work, scroll down to the bottom of the screen on, and reach out to your localized support center and request that the manually redeem the campaign code for you:



(Note: Please do not reach out to the support team on - be sure you are on

Provide the following information in your correspondence:

- State the problem: "I am unable to redeem this campaign code because of..." (Reason XYZ - please be specific in the error you are encountering and provide screenshots if you can)

- State the request: "I am requesting you manually redeem this code on behalf of my account."

- Share the code you are trying to redeem

- Share the name of the program you are taking part in and whatever contact information you have for the program  (For example: Digital Skills Initiative )

- Share the steps you have taken to try to solve the issue (Cleared cache, different browser, etc)

From this point, the local support team should be able to find a solution to getting you your free certification attempt. The only reason to revert back to the digital skills support line is if the local support team determines the code is no longer valid or is defective. If this is the case, that support colleague should reach out to the digital skills email address and request a new code on your behalf.

We appreciate your patience and wish you the best of luck with your SAP Certification exam.