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Since 2015, KIT has been pursuing the vision of creating a place where dialog with society can be strengthened and knowledge and technology transfer can be promoted. With the TRIANGEL Open Space, the vision became reality. On Friday, May 20, 2022, the innovation, start-up and transfer center finally celebrated its opening after Covid-19 related delays. With keynote speeches, discussion panels, exhibitions, art and culture, the opening program offered exciting insights into both science and the world of start-ups.


Inspiration, creativity and exchange. These three terms best describe TRIANGEL. TRIANGEL is an open space of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in the city center of Karlsruhe. According to KIT itself, it is a place where people meet, ideas emerge, there are discussions and questions are answered.

Different zones, which serve different purposes, make the Open Space special. If you want to understand and experience innovation, you have to leave your familiar surroundings and be inspired by other people. With the help of the different rooms, this is made possible at TRIANGEL.

The workshop serves as a showcase to bring science closer to citizens. For example, topic-specific exhibitions such as the „Wissenschaft & Technik zum Anfassen“ exhibition are held here.

In the Space, on the other hand, speeches can be held or workshops, readings or panel discussions can be held. Perfect for events or functions!

Meanwhile, the intro Café provides all visitors with coffee and other delicacies. The concept behind it: seasonal and regional products as well as fairly produced and sustainable alternatives.

TIL:Festival - What is it about?

TIL stands for "Today I Learned". Lifelong learning is a concept that is becoming more and more important today, especially for young people. The TIL: Festival aims to encourage everyone to learn, broaden their perspective and discover new things. From 18.05.2022 to 21.05.2022, visitors were able to enjoy a variety of program highlights ranging from exhibitions to meetings with founders and impulse lectures. On the last day of the event, SAP complemented the TIL: Festival with exciting exhibits at the all-day exhibition "Wissenschaft & Technik zum Anfassen “.

SAP at the exhibition “Wissenschaft & Technik zum Anfassen”

SAP supported the TIL:Festival with three innovative hands-on exhibits, more precisely the exhibition „Wissenschaft & Technik zum Anfassen“. SAP immersed visitors in the world of 3D printing, combined programming with embroidery, and examined a sandbox landscape using a 3D tool.

3D Modelling & Printing

As part of the exhibition, visitors were not only able to experience live what a 3D print looks and works like in reality. Visitors could even create and print their own designs and 3D models.

Snap! & Turtlestiching

Can you actually combine programming with embroidery? Yes! SAP used Turtlestitch, a programming language derived from Snap! to show how the two can be creatively combined. Programmed patterns were thus translated as thread paths for embroidery machines and visitors were able to give free rein to their creativity.

Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox

A pile of sand as a modeling tool with the help of a 3D tool. Visitors could experience this at the exhibition at the SAP booth. Using a projector, sensors and special software, SAP made it possible to analyze different height levels of the sandbox and mark them with outlines and different colors. It was not only a lot of fun for the visitors, but also inspiring!

3D Augmented Reality Sandbox

You want to learn more about the TIL:Festival and SAP's participatory exhibits? Then check out the TRIANGEL Open Space website now!

SAP's Experience Garage provides all employees and the SAP ecosystem with experiences that foster creativity, collaboration, and experimentation through action learning.

"The Experience Garage has the goal to inspire and enable SAP employees within their innovation journey. Giving our employees the chance to connect with students, startups and an external network is essential to extend their innovation perspective. In addition the Triangel is the perfect Space to showcase our internal innovations, to exchange and receive feedback from an outside-in view.“ – Niraj Singh, Head of Experience Garage SAP."

The event was not only exciting for all visitors. It was also a complete success for SAP. Especially the hands-on exhibits inspired everyone and SAP is looking forward to many more exciting events and projects in cooperation with KIT's TRIANGEL Open Space in the future.

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