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Digital Learning is on the move – not just since the pandemic. And it's not only new to learners. Teachers and trainers of all kinds are challenged to keep pace with technological advances and create cutting-edge learning opportunities, that excite the learners for the future.

To foster the exchange of experience and knowledge among trainers and hence support them in this mission, we started into 2021 with a new initiative: the Trainer's Thursday.

What is the Trainer's Thursday?

The Trainer's Thursday is a new monthly virtual training series by SAP Young Thinkers around 21st Century Skills, including coding, software and business in education. The sessions are always on the third Thursday of each month with ever changing topics shaped by the community. Trainer’s Thursday is open to everyone - SAP internal and external - involved in creating learning opportunities for the next generation. We welcome teachers, SAP ambassadors, trainers of all kinds and everyone who wants to become one!

The live sessions are recorded and available on the webinar platform for replay with additional material to go on with. Besides the full recordings, the “Trainer’s Tip” captures the essence of the session in a single minute. Over time, this will create a library of experience and knowledge from which trainers worldwide can draw inspiration.

How it started – How it’s going

In January, we started with a question asked often by our community in the past: “What sets Snap! apart?”. Led by Bernat Romagosa, Co-Developer of Snap! and MicroBlocks, our first attending trainers explored a bunch of advanced computer science concepts in an engaging and visual manner to get a look into what sets Snap! apart from Scratch.

In our second session we had an “Introduction into MicroBlocks”, a new live and visual programming language for microcontrollers that has been in development for the last 3 years and recently entered beta. If you are excited on physical computing, it’s worth more than a look!

From our first sessions we took a lot of lessons learned already on how to make the format of the Trainer’s Thursday just as appealing as its content. We are looking forward to an exciting session about Gaming in Education on 18th Mar 2021 followed by “Ideas for teaching YOUR first Snap!-Workshop” on 15th Apr 2021, where trainers of the SAP Young Thinkers Community will share their tips and tricks for a first start into educating with Snap!.

This is your call to get involved!

Whether you are a trainer yourself, want to become one or are just curious – we invite you to be part of our journey in digital education and join us in the upcoming Trainer’s Thursdays! Spread the word to everyone you think would benefit from being there too! In any case, you will find all information on our Trainer’s Thursday Platform.

Please feel motivated to comment on this blog posts with your thoughts, ask questions in the relevant tag Q&A area and follow our SAP Young Thinkers tag for more content around our next generation.