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As a Vocational Training (VT) student I often get the question, why are you studying at SAP. As an answer I can tell them this story:

“Look! That’s the Father of the Internet” with this sentence the 23rd of September began. On this day, ten VT students had the chance to attend the 9th Heidelberger Laureate Forum at the SAP location in St. Leon Rot, where we were fortunate enough to meet Vinton Cerf directly in the morning. After a welcoming speech by Dr. Katharina Schäfer (Global Head of University Alliances at SAP), Shwetak N.Patel gave a fascinating speech about computing for social good and its use for issues such as health and climate.

In a 45-minute coffee break we had the chance to speak with laureates from various countries. It was thrilling to meet young scientists to talk about their studies and our lives as VT Students at SAP. The second half of the morning was filled with a Panel Discussion about "Post-Quantum Cryptography and why it is important" with Vinton Gray Cerf, Whitfield Diffie, Adi Shamir, Vadim Lyubashevsky and Gregor Seiler. Having the chance to listen to scientists you learned about at university was a great honor.

At lunch, a buffet provided the setting for another opportunity to talk once more to the Laureates.

Especially the chance to take a photo with Vinton Cerf was a highlight.

He was very kind and even searched for the perfect light exposure, making sure we had a perfect picture to always remember the day we met the Father of the Internet.

Being able to participate in such events is one of many amazing opportunities offered to students at SAP, which all of us VT students continue to be incredibly thankful for.

I hope you enjoyed this post and am looking forward to your feedback or your thoughts in the comments.

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