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D-shop Toronto is happy to welcome four new co-op students for the summer term. The Cooperative Education (Co-op) program allows students from grades 11 and 12 to earn High School credits through a semester-long experiential learning placement, where they get exposed to various topics, including SAP, innovation, and sustainability. The program also allows the students to develop transferrable skills like communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills. Our co-op program is now 6 years old, and we have had the great opportunity to work with students from various school boards across the Greater Toronto Area.

Here is a brief introduction from the students of this term.



Hi there, I'm Kabir, a grade 11 student in Oakville. I love coding and working with people. I love doing hackathons and programming competitions. They are a lot of fun and an excellent opportunity to expand and develop my technical skills. I love the problem-solving aspect of coding.

I find few things as satisfying and rewarding as finally figuring out the solution to a challenging or frustrating problem. Learning about new technologies is very exciting, too; anything related to tech or science is an attention grabber. I enjoy exercising and going on biking trips with my friends. Like many others during quarantine, I love playing sports and exercising alone.

I learnt the importance of actively putting in the effort to stay fit and active. I like going on runs, both with my friends and alone. I find going on runs alone calming. My friends and I often visit trails by the creeks and ride around in the woods. I love those biking trips because I get to be around nature, which is a blessing. I used to love reading fiction literature, now not so much, but I love to talk about different stories and plots from various movies and shows, even anime. I am excited to be here at SAP and hope to have a wonderful time.

Hi, my name is Mattias, and I am a summer co-op student at SAP. Some of my interests are programming and playing video games. My enjoyment of programming started when I took a computer science course in grade 10. After finishing the course, I was immediately hooked and did additional programming on my own time.

I retook this course in grade 11 and enjoyed it even more; we had moved on from scratch and onto python/pygame. I am excited to be doing my co-op at sap as it involves some of my interests. I first heard about this co-op opportunity from the HDSB co-op supervisor, and after learning more about SAP, I immediately applied. The original posting for this opportunity stated that I would be working with a small group of students, which interested me as I like working in groups.

Another thing mentioned was that this co-op would involve programming, which I am very interested in, as I said above. After applying, I got an interview and an e-mail that I had gotten the position. While working with SAP, I will learn to use snap and Jupiter notebook. I will also know to do several courses from the sap courses website throughout the co-op. Overall I am incredibly excited about this opportunity and can't wait to see what we will do next.

Hi, my name is Yusra, and I am a business SHSM student with a specialized interest in marketing, computer science and graphics. I started coding in grade 6 with block coding in I loved it at the time, making games and art often.

As I got older, I became interested in manual coding and used Khan academy to learn (simplified) JavaScript. I forgot about it for a few years but was once asked to write a program in math class to solve questions. The type reinspired a love for coding, and I've been learning it ever since.

I retook the Khan Academy course, learned python, took a computer science course, participated in a computer science club that had a mini web development hackathon and data science lessons, practiced for contests, and started learning more languages, and that's where I am today.

My programming consists primarily of games and graphics as I've maintained my love for art, but I enjoy mathematical challenge programs too. I work towards learning C++ and Java (for computing contests), PHP (to apply with the web development languages), more python commands and modules, improving my JavaScript in relationship to HTML and CSS, and understanding how software interacts with hardware.

Offscreen, I enjoy painting, sketching and picture-taking with occasional crafting. I want to develop a steadier hand, better understand lighting, and create more captivating or dynamic compositions. I love graphic, UX and web design/development careers as they combine my computer, business and artistic interests, and I may seek this path in the future.

To do so, I plan on attending University for Computer Science and maybe business, with a minor in a creative discipline. My top choice is Waterloo's Global Business and Digital Arts program. I hope I can benefit the company through my skills in this co-op and that my skills, too, will help.

Hello, my name is Dawson, and I’m just starting my co-op placement at SAP. This blog will talk a little about myself, my interests, hobbies, and other essential things. First, I was born in Oakville, Ontario, and have lived here my entire life. I attended elementary school for all 8 years and formed close bonds with the other students in my classes.

Now I’m attending White Secondary School and moving to grade 12 next school year. I have a hamster named Skitty as a pet. His name is based on the word skittish, as he’s terrified and energetic. I love watching movies in my free time; my favourites are The World’s End, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and The Avengers. I also love video games and have been playing them since childhood.

I’ve played on the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, and PC games on Steam. Additionally, I like to draw items and scenes from my favourite games. My love for video games definitely sparked my interest in programming and technology.

Besides technology and coding, I have also been interested in business. I have really enjoyed the courses I have taken on accounting, marketing, and introduction to business. I’m very fortunate to be able to explore both of my passions through my placement and at a massive company, no less. That’s a little about me; I’m excited to explore my passions and work for such a great company. And I can’t wait to become acquainted with my co-workers and learn about business and technology.