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we continue our series in which we present interesting study locations and (business) computer science programs. This time with the Aachen University of Applied Sciences. Already published are: TH Brandenburg, Heilbronn University, Harz University.

As the person responsible for the SAP University Alliances Program in the DACH region, I am looking forward to talking to two bachelor students from the Business Information Systems program and Prof. Dr. Christian Drumm.

Enjoy reading. Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions on which university/college we should feature.

With kind regards

Andre Biener, Director DACH, SAP University Alliances, SAP SE


André Biener (AB): "Dear Prof. Drumm we are very pleased to learn more from you and your students about the Business Informatics program at FH Aachen. First of all, I would like to know: What makes the Business Information Systems program at FH Aachen special?"

Prof. Dr. Christian Drumm (CD): "I would say we do very good teaching at FH Aachen, which is also reflected in various rankings such as that of the Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to choose different majors in business administration or computer science, depending on their interests."

Prof. Dr. Christian Drumm

AB: "How can students gain practical experience already during their studies?"

CD: "We try to teach as close to practice as possible. In detail, it depends on what a subject allows. Overall, we offer many opportunities for practical experience. This starts with a guest lecture by an expert and goes so far that we offer entire modules in cooperation with a company. We work primarily with regional companies. The spectrum ranges from local start-ups to well-known and established companies. We also try to cover different industries, such as finance, mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, the energy sector and the chemical industry.

Christoph Pausacker (CP/ Bachelor student 9th semester): "Especially in teaching units like the module on accounting, which normally would not have aroused my full interest, I still enjoyed going because the practical elements made the course exciting. A standout university project for me took place as part of the "Cloud based Information Systems" module. In collaboration with SAP and, our task was to synchronize manufacturing orders between platform and the S/4 HANA system. I published a paper on this in the SAP Community last year."

Christoph Pausacker

AB: "Are there any student projects that give students an insight into future work in business?"

Glenn Verhaag (GV/ Bachelor student 10th semester): "Normally you can finish your studies at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen with 6 semesters, but there is the possibility to do a voluntary additional semester. This is a semester abroad or an internship semester and then completes the degree with 210 ECTS. I myself did a semester abroad with a partner school of the FH Aachen, which has a worldwide partner network and coordinates the semesters abroad very well. Regularly, you do this semester in the 6th semester and then write your bachelor thesis, however, the curriculum is not so strict and also offers room for flexibility."

CP: "Due to the strong connection of the FH Aachen, it is also much easier to get an internship. Aachen offers the Silicon Valley of NRW, so to speak. The connections to the university already exist and regional start-ups and IT companies have open doors for interested interns. My current job at also came out of an internship and the project on "Cloud based Information Systems"."

AB: "From your point of view, what activities enrich your studies at FH Aachen?"

CP: "I moved to Aachen from Cologne to study and still find that Aachen offers the best conditions for a student city. It is not an overwhelming big city, but still offers enough opportunities for young people. It's a nice mix of small and big city flair. I quickly made connections myself, especially through the "Ersti-Week", through which friendships were formed. Afterwards, I was a tutor for freshmen students for many years. The FH Aachen offers many opportunities to feel integrated into the university. Looking back, it was a great start to adult life for me."

Campus FH Aachen

AB: "What opportunities does your degree program offer in the SAP environment?"

CD: "On the one hand, there is a compulsory module in the degree program for the introduction to ERP systems, there we work with SAP S/4 HANA, where the students get to know the system itself and its processes. And in addition, the students always have the opportunity to come into direct contact with SAP and companies that use SAP through project work."

AB: "How do you try to make your teaching innovative and exciting for the students?"

CD: "Of course, every colleague tries to make teaching exciting in his or her own way. Personally, I took a lot from the peak of the pandemic for myself and try to go beyond the potential of a classic lecture and integrate new forms and formats of learning. Project-based work is important to me, as are new formats such as the "flipped classroom". The students should be part of the courses and not just inhale lectures in the lecture hall for a semester and take an exam at the end. For example, I've already assessed writing blog posts instead of having them write an exam. That's not always possible in the foundation degree, but it increases as the degree progresses."

AB: "What are the advantages of the FH Aachen campus?"

GV: "Our university has a fairly young average age of the professors, who are very ready for action and also like to exchange ideas with their students. In addition, communication is supported by small courses."

CP: "In addition, there is a university sports program in partnership with other universities such as RWTH, through which you can try a wide variety of sports for a good price. There are sports like fencing, boxing and contact skipping in addition to common offerings. This is also an opportunity to socialize, especially with students from other majors or even other universities."

CD: "Furthermore, we are trying to further develop our campus and make it more attractive. There will soon be a new dormitory. An existing highlight of the campus is the green space with a pond."

Glenn Verhaag

AB: "What events at FH Aachen are special to you?"

CD: "There is an event called "Business Insights." Graduates of FH Aachen are invited to this event and can talk about their successful careers. They talk about their entry into the professional world, share insights into their day-to-day work and what it's like to hold leadership responsibility in your position. From my perspective, however, the most beautiful event is the awarding of graduation certificates to the graduates in the Coronation Hall. That's quite a special place for that graduation."

CP: "Then there's the start-up center at FH Aachen. If you have a business idea for a start-up, you can meet there in small working groups. In the same framework together with RWTH, there are regular events, "fuckup stories Aachen," where founders tell about their failed business ideas, which is also exciting to hear."

AB: "What makes Aachen a special place to study?"

CP: "There are the most delicious Streußelbrötchen here. Apart from that, Aachen is also very well located in the border triangle. So you're not limited to Germany in your free time, but you can also go to Holland or Belgium pretty quickly."

GV: "This is supported by the semester ticket, because with it you can travel all the way into Holland and Belgium. For example, Maastricht can be reached without an extra ticket, offering great excursion possibilities. Furthermore, some bigger cities like Bonn, Cologne and Düsseldorf are also not too far away."

CD: "I am no longer a student, but the region around Aachen also has a lot to offer. You can get to nature quickly and without much effort. It's a nice area for cycling and the Eifel is also close by."

FH Aachen Campus

AB: "Where do you prefer to spend your free time or weekends?"

CP: "Over the years, you've found your regular bars. In addition, there is a nice bouldering hall in Aachen, for all those who like climbing. If you're interested in soccer, you can watch the local club play for 9 euros with a great stadium feeling. The fan community is really dedicated. In addition, there is interesting artist scene in Aachen. You can see art exhibitions and up-and-coming DJs in bunkers like the Bunker of Arts or the Musikbunker. Then there's the Lorraine Air Festival, where artists open their studios and musicians play live music and do shows. The university itself offers an exhibition of the work of students in the Department of Design, and there's a party afterwards."

AB: "What made it easier for you to get started in college, and what offerings from the college did you take advantage of yourself to start the semester?"

CP: "I took advantage of the math pre-course, which on the one hand was very good to bring my math skills up to a fresh level once again, and on the other hand it was also a first opportunity to make initial contacts at the university. Our department also organized an excursion to Gerolstein in the Eifel. Since costs for travel, accommodation and food is borne by the university and there is an exciting program on site and party in the evening. On one day, professors are also on site and you can get to know them in a relaxed way, which already breaks the first ice."


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