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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Youth Center "Orlyonok" located in the South of Russia on Black Sea, was opened in 1960. It is the largest all-year long youth camp in Russia accommodating about 25000 children per year aged 10-16 from all regions of Russia and foreign countries.

SAP University Alliances CIS opened SAP Next-Gen Lab in Orlyonok in 2017. Our Lab attracts over 10000 children per year, including young thinkers participating to educational tours, workshops, IT courses, and next-gen projects.

Global pandemic forced Orlyonok to be closed since March till June 2020. But since July Orlyonok  re-started  on-site activities, and over 10000 young thinkers from several regions visited Orlyonok since July.

Many activities happened at SAP Next-Gen Lab:

Great to see that not only remote formats, but real physical activities could happen now.

And most importantly – there are no any infected person in Orlyonok after re-opening on 1st July.

"Today we can see that campers are excited about learning the technologies, suggest creative ideas and are totally engrossed in work,- points out Lyudmila Kayumova, site manager of SAP Next-Gen Lab in Orlyonok. We’re sure that the SAP Innovation Center broadens the opportunities and allows the young explorers to try out the modern technology, improve their knowledge and skills and, most importantly, obtain new ones".

In 2021 we´ll continue intensive on-site and off-site activities in Orlyonok, starting second season of SAP projects Olympiad "Digital Russia". Young thinkers with best results will be invited to attend the thematic IT camp session at “Orlyonok” and visit the SAP Digital Leadership Center in Moscow.