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I would like to introduce you to the new SAP University Alliances North America Academic Board that has been working to define a means for University Alliances faculty to get more out of their University Alliances membership and to strengthen their relationship with SAP and industry. I am excited about the opportunities available to our community. A perpetual board membership will allow for one-third of the board to change each year.

The vision and mission of the Academic Board are as follows:

To foster a diverse community elevating SAP academic innovation and success


  • Facilitate collaboration, communication and sharing of community interests

  • Promote visibility of member programs within ecosystem (customers)

  • Ensure events such as Academic Conference and Workshops are continued

  • Build pipeline to ensure new faculty are successful

  • Adapt SAP technology and resources for academic curriculum

  • Support development and maintenance of curriculum and teaching best practices

  • Encourage and support faculty-led research

  • Connect community stakeholders

  • Stimulate societal impact through curriculum, research, communications, knowledge sharing and partnerships

Board Members:

Current Academic Board Members.


Board Activity in 2020:

  • Renewed the board membership and governance

  • Bootstrapped initial board members with 1-3-year terms

  • Created and adopted Bylaws

  • Working on Operating Rules, Not for Profit Foundation status

  • Setup SAP North America Academic Community website

  • Working with SAP UA for workshop planning and execution

  • 700+ Summer workshop attendees & 1250+ Winter registrations

  • Planning 2021 Academic Conference

  • 2020 was cancelled but the CFP is here:



  • Continue fostering opportunities for community building and curriculum innovation

  • Share curriculum and research with community faculty members

  • Form a new research committee and develop research opportunities for faculty members

  • Connect with other boards to share best practices

In line with the vision and mission of the Board, board members are hard at work planning events such as the annual academic conference, forming faculty groups for curricula development, and developing collaborative workspaces for all of us to share. There is a lot more work to do and it will take all of us to make the University Alliances its best.

The SAP North America Academic Community website is now live. Please visit this site to learn how you can actively participate in and benefit from your membership in the alliance.

Looking forward to innovative pedagogy at the Annual Academic Conference in summer 2021. It will be here before you know it!!


Stay safe and healthy all in 2021!