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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP University Alliances launched regular Global Knowledge Sharing Sessions for our Academic Community in 2021.

On April 7th we’ve organised fourth Session focusing on the following topics:

  • News on SAP UA Learning Portfolio

  • UCC/ACC cloud courses on DWC, SAC and IBP

  • SAP ICN Innovation Challenges and best practice

  • On-boarding for new SAP University Alliances members

First topic has been introduced by Dr. Michael Nuernberg, VP and SAP University Alliances Regional Director. Heather Matthews, SAP University Alliances Global Programs Director, presented hosted cloud courses on DWC, SAC and IBP. Afterwards Dr. Igor Belousov, SAP University Alliances Global Director of Content Delivery and Country Manager for Italy/Turkey/CIS, Dr. Lukasz Ostrowski, SAP ICN Development Manager, and Bahareh Fatemi, Head of TUMO Labs,  presented SAP ICN Innovation Challenges pilot at TUMO Labs (Armenia) supported by SAP UA, SAP partners and SAP Startup Factory by BANA.

On-boarding session by Dr. Igor Belousov for the new University Alliances members about best practices on using all UA learning resources has concluded the Session.

The links to the Session´s materials are below (also available at SAP University Alliances Learning Room and SAP Next-Gen Learning Room – Students Corner):

Next Global Knowledge Sharing Session will happen in June 2022. Stay tuned!