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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In tough COVID times a great partner of SAP University Alliances - Russian Youth Center "Orlyonok" - continues to please us with series of on site Events for young thinkers at SAP Next-Gen Lab and Innovation Center.

On May 2, the first cohort of young thinkers from several Russian regions participated to the class on SNAP! programming and introduction to programming Micro:bit microcontrollers donated to "Orlyonok" by SAP University Alliances (Young Thinkers team).

During the classes young thinkers developed an animated game "Space flight" with spacecraft navigating from one planet to the other ones avoiding the space debris.

These classes will be run on regular basis during the year.

Link to the news at "Orlyonok" portal at social network VK:

Together with "Orlyonok" we are preparing the start of Second "Digital Russia" projects Olympiad to happen on July 1st in Russian Youth Center "Orlyonok".


Below images are courtesy of Russian Youth Center Orlyonok.