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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Theme "Augmented Access Control", Challenge "User insights extraction from unstructured data"

Team members: Sasun Tadevosyan, Anna Stepanyan, Harutyun Gevorgyan, Asya Minasyan, Sona Sargsyan

Video about the Challenge


Outcomes: By participating in this project as a group of 5, we were able to enlarge our knowledge in the field of AI and NN which helped us to understand certain concepts of users' conversations. In addition, having access to the SAP Learning Hub in order to improve our concept of a conventional chatbot will help in communication between users and businesses by automating daily routine work.

For our chatbot, we analyzed every massage which came from the user's conversation and we started to tokenize the sentence, stemming the words, and for making features we used a bag of words.

after evaluating users' messages and using our rule engine we extract insights about meeting details after that, we use Google API to create meetings which help to create a meeting, a google calendar reminder, and a meeting link, which we provide to the user. Thank you TUMOLabs & SAP for providing the opportunity for us to participate in this project and learn new helpful content.

Theme "Future of Async Work", Challenge "Collaborative Digital Avatar Landscape Today"

Team members: Ani Galstyan, Marie Nazaryan, Angelina Harutyunyan, Diana Grigoryan, Anna Yeritsyan

Video about the Challenge


Outcomes: This was a great and informative project for us. During these four months we have acquired knowledge about digital avatars, their use in various fields and lots of skills while doing research.

We found out some drawbacks and benefits by using AI avatars. During the project we also came across some difficulties finding high quality materials, scientific information and to ensure their accuracy. Thus we learned to work as a team and to work under pressure. We got problem-solving skills, creative and critical thinking and also public speaking skills.

It was exciting to see digital avatars in the fields of healthcare, marketing, military systems, gaming as today everything is going to digital transformation. ACBA bank, which is one of the partners of SAP, also provided us with great support and motivated us to work hard and to overcome all the challenges in the future.

The project gave us the opportunity to think deep, to consider what to create in the prospective future. Especially in the field of healthcare, for instance, we can create virtual glasses for people with paraplegia which will force them to walk in the virtual reality, and in this way they will do some steps in real life. We came up with this idea while doing research. There are also some competitive companies in the world that bring into existence the use of digital avatars in diverse ways.  So now it’s time to boost our brains as we are the future generation.


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Hoq to learn SAP abap free course or any yputube chhanel for tutorial plz suggest me . 



Hi, pls. visit - this is the free ABAP Learning Journey we recommend to get started!

Yours, Michael  


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Thanks @M_Nuernberg 

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi all, I read this article and really loved the combination and connection of students and SAP - researching and exploring things in practice. It sounds really valuable & helpful for the students and SAP.

I look forward to more of these experiences and projects!