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My personal trip to SAP started in spring 2016 when my father signed me up for my first IT-Camp 4 Youngsters. During the HTML Beginner course, I should learn how to program a Web page. I had no experience in programming so far but was very excited about what I could expect this week.

The IT camp took place during the summer holidays and was full of various activities. In addition to the theoretical and practical units on the topic of HTML, we enjoyed delicious food in the cafeteria, played volleyball outside and could choose from three sports programs in the afternoon. So, we learned also from the very beginning about the importance of having physical activities to keep our balance and healthy habits. At the end of the week, we were so proud to present our self-built websites to parents in a large presentation room.

I had so much fun to learn about coding that I wanted to attend the HTML Advanced course right away. A few months later, this also happened. After that, I participated in two more courses. My interest in programming increased from course to course. Nevertheless, I felt surprised by the question whether I could imagine to join the junior instructor team and passing on the knowledge I gained in the IT camps to the younger ones in future. I didn't expect that, but I was very pleased and very happy to take this opportunity.

I remember the first course I accompanied as a junior instructor… it was “snap! Beginners - Build Your Own Blocks” and I noticed during this week that the role of trainer is a lot of fun for me but also a kind of a challenge which allows me continuous personal development when I share what I have learned. Teaching the kids and young people and seeing the resulting projects is a great experience.

As a result of my IT-Camp job, I also got a little insight into an employee’s working life at SAP, which I further deepened through a BOGY internship. I spent a week with a developer and gained further impressions that increased my interest in computer science and also SAP as an employer.

In the higher school level, I decided for the computer science performance course to expand my knowledge and get more insights into the world of computer science. I was also able to gain further knowledge with the continuation of my coaching activities at the IT-Camps.

When the final school examination came closer, I started thinking about how to go further after that. It was clear to me that I wanted to study something in the field of computer science. Even though I considered other companies in my research, the various dual programs at SAP attracted me a lot. I was most interested in the business informatics program for which I applied. Now, I am very delighted to study at SAP Business Information Technology from September 2021 on. I feel proud to be part of this company and I am curious and excited about what I could expect in the next three years.

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