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Moving the Cities is an international event that have been occurring annually since 2018, it unites students, professors, industry and universities from all over the globe. The goal of Moving the Cities was to address regional challenges faced by cities by taking an international perspective.

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To do just this, 135+ students from 6+ countries collaborated digitally over the course of a week. 28 internationally mixed teams with participants from Brazil, Chile, Germany, Colombia, England and the USA entered the finals to convince the international jury of their solution in a three-minute pitch. 50 coaches and mentors from all over the world had accompanied them on their path to this moment, helping them to develop their ideas on the joint virtual working platform. Including our colleagues from SAP: Gabriel Strada from University Alliances, Marcos Rahmeier, María Calzada, Bruno Barbosa, Nicolas Chartiot, Erick Puls, Guilherme Rech, Felipe Ricardi and Pedro Souza.
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Like last year the students’ creativity and great commitment truly impressed us. The many positive feedbacks of the participants and the high resonance are and remain our motivation. More than 1,000 viewers followed the closing event via live stream on Sunday. We are firmly convinced that the formats successfully tested this year can be a very useful supplement to international cooperation. Moving the Cities is expected to take place again next year probably on a hybrid format. This enables us to get talented students involved at our universities who may not find it so easy to travel halfway around the world for financial or social reasons.

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Institutions such as UAS7, a cluster of German Applied Sciences, DWIH São Paulo, the German center of Science and Innovation, Aliança para Inovação, an alliance for innovation between universities from Porto Alegre Region are among the partners of this event. Universities such as Unisinos, FH Münster, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, PUCRS, Inacap, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Coventry University, University of Pittsburgh and UFRGS played a main role in this event, select and gather innovative students. The challenges were proposed by the Industry partners such as SAP, Fraport, Tecnosinos, Fiege and Müsnster Osnabrück International Airport.

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We congratulate the team winners Be my Hero, RecomCity and Gen2Gen for creating amazing solutions than can be put into practice in the future. Also, we thank the volunteers from SAP for making such a remarkable job promoting Workshops, Webinars, Mentoring and Coaching at this event.

We hope to see you all next year!


Gabriel de Mattos Strada.

SAP University Alliances

LAC & Caribbean, Spain & Portugal
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