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SAP Next-Gen France stands for innovation and teaching “The Intelligent Enterprise”. Every year, the team organizes several innojams at schools and universities. Even in this challenging year 2020, none of them was canceled or postponed. “Keep learning!” could be the lesson that we learned during this difficult period.

“Never give up and keep learning” is our motto during the year 2020. In this article we would like to highlight how the SAP Next-Gen team drive innovation at schools and universities.


It is all about innovation – An innojam is a competition, organized by one or several schools/universities together as one group with 80 to 100 students. During the event, students work together in small teams (10–12 max.). The participants are encouraged to think broadly about innovative solutions regarding a specific subject, using SAP technologies. Typically, this subject is proposed by a company, which is partner of the event.

In general, Innojams are held between two and five days on the first round. Often, these projects are extended to three to five months in order to make a progress on the topic and build an even more detailed solution for the customers.

An innojam generally includes one or several SAP Next-Gen projects – for example, within the last projects, students used SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Analytics Cloud and Conversational AI for a chatbot.

What are the benefits? – This type of “hands-on” event gets more and more appreciated by schools, universities as well as students. Participants have the chance to grow smoothly on innovation and SAP technologies and on top get the chance learn about research methods and design thinking methodology. Likewise, partners get ideas and inspiration from the future generation.

Although the situation has been challenging this year, SAP Next-Gen France – headed by Diedier Petitjean, University Alliances Manager – succeeded in executing four innojams with SAP customers for students during 2020.

We would like to thank all schools and universities for their participation:

  • Université Haute Alsace – Mulhouse (4th edition in January 2020)

  • TBS Business School – Toulouse (4th Edition in February 2020)

  • ESIGELEC – Rouen (5th edition in October 2020) (see the Video)

  • IAE Sorbonne – Paris (1st edition in November 2020)

Get some impressions on Twitter:

We are looking forward to working on next editions in 2021.


Best regards

The Next Gen Team - France and Maghreb