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Dear community,

Within this blog you can find some very interesting concepts and ideas that can help you in your digital transformation regarding Human Resources. Join me to discover the relevant tools that SAP has for you to make your life easier when you are facing an HR innovation project.

Whether your Digital HR Transformation project is being carried out properly, or you are still  wondering how SuccessFactors can optimize your HR processes we have a great resource to help you! The SAP Enterprise Support value map for SAP SuccessFactors will have your back and help you take the next step.

We have found all the SAP Human Experience Management related expert lead and self-paced content from the SAP Enterprise Support Academy (webinars, workshops, best practice documents, remote sessions) and centralized it into one place so you can have direct access to it. The content is displayed in a guided approach, so we will show you everything you need to know at the right time, depending on what stage of the project you are at.

However, the value map is not just a repository of data. For instance, you can write questions to our experts in the forums. Indeed, some customers have wondered why they should ask questions in the SAP SuccessFactors value map, when there are already other related forums available? The key point here is that the value map and content therein, is created specifically with SAP Enterprise Support customers in mind.

With thousands of members at present in our value map community, there is a massive opportunity to engage and learn from other customers and partners. This collaborative aspect is an additional reason to sign up and where you can realize huge value.

Most importantly, every value map member is invited to request a personal touch-point call with one of our team members. A value map onboarding call gives us a super opportunity to understand what exactly you are doing in terms of your project plans, tasks you are working on and any issues or areas of concern that you might have. In turn, we will tailor the conversation to suit your needs and highlight specific content for you.

It is equally important to note that we work in close collaboration with the SAP teams who develop the SAP Enterprise Support services and portfolio. Based on your experience and feedback we can influence the SAP Enterprise Support portfolio offering, to shape SAP SuccessFactors content that works for you.

As the saying goes, ‘you get out of it what you put into it’ and our experience tells us that customers with SAP SuccessFactors projects who engage with us, ask questions and collaborate in the value map have a very positive experience.

Hear what some of your peers have to say. Below a published customer success story:

Shanghai Manon Business Co. Ltd.

Join the value map for SuccessFactors

The SAP Enterprise Support value maps powered by SAP Enterprise Support Academy are like a navigation system that guide you to the right SAP support services, tools, and offerings to achieve your HR goals. Join the SAP Enterprise Support value map for SAP SuccessFactors today and request an on-boarding call! We are all set to engage with you!

If you are an SAP Enterprise Support, SAP Enterprise Support Cloud Edition or SAP Product Support for Large Enterprises (PSLE) customer, then value map access is already included in your contract.

Register for the value map here.

Before you can access SAP Enterprise Support value maps, a one-time registration in SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, is required. A detailed step-by step guide to registration can be found in the nex link here.

In conclusion, you can access all this material available for you! The Value Map of SuccessFactors has the goal to facilitate and prepare your team to any HR Digital Transformation Project.

Please let me know any feedback or comments below! And don´t forget to follow my profile so you can see similar and relevant content.

Best regards

Zuriel Caballero, on behalf of the SAP SuccessFactors Value Map Team