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I spent last weekend at the SAP booth at my first ever gamescom in Cologne 🕹️🤩. Read on to find out what I've learned.

Gamescom is the world's largest expo for video games and an event for people who love to stand in queues. More than 1200 publishers, e-sports teams, cosplay suppliers and other companies related to the gaming industry presented their work to the over 320 000 visitors. Gaming enthusiasts were lining up to try yet unreleased titles and take pictures with streamers.

queue at the SAP booth 🙂


Gamescom 2023: SAP and Team Liquid Connect Gaming, Analytics, Passion, and Career

At the SAP stand, we let visitors explore our partnership with Team Liquid (which is, I have to say as an avid e-sports fan, the most terrific collaboration SAP currently has).

At the heart of this partnership are SAP's technologies such as BTP and Analytics Cloud that process the professional players‘ gaming data for Dota2 and Leage of Legends in real time to help recognize their shortcomings, build new strategies and perform at their peak. Both teams successfully made it to their respective championships this year, so it seems like our software is working for them 💪💪.

Connecting Gaming and Analytics within our Activations

One of the highlights of the SAP booth was the Last Hit Trainer, which provided a thrilling opportunity for participants to showcase their skills in Dota 2 and win fantastic prizes. And where should you find better gamers for that than at gamescom? Both beginners and veterans tried their luck. Since two people were tied for first place, we even had a deciding direct duel on the first day. Our winner got 3350 points out of a maximum of 3600 - pretty impressive (I on the other hand only managed 2550, I probably should play a bit more often ;))

impressions from the SAP booth, from left to right:
wheel of fortune, last hit trainer, Dota 2 analytics, claw machine


Additionally, a digital wheel of fortune enabled visitors to test their knowledge about SAP, Dota 2, and Team Liquid. With every spin, participants had the chance to win exclusive merchandise prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event. I programmed the wheel with Snap!, our visual and block-based programming language that is ideal to learn about computer and data science principles. If you want to try it out yourself, click here. Further games and contests such as a motion-guided virtual claw machine ensured a steady flow of interested visitors to our stand right beside the Event Arena.

To top it all off, on both Saturday and Sunday we had a special guest appearance by the renowned Twitch streamer and YouTuber, Harmii, a member of Team Liquid. His presence has certainly added a touch of stardom — a sizeable line of fans waited for a chat and a photo with him.

we also got in line for a team picture with Harmii 😉


Connecting Passion and Career

The SAP stand also served as an inspiring platform for young individuals interested in gaming, IT, and data to explore learning and career opportunities at SAP. From vocational training programs to dual studies and career academies, SAP provided a multitude of pathways for passionate gamers to learn more about data and turn their passion into a profession. I was showcasing our Snap! programming language for all ages and the student zone of SAP Learning, a dedicated learning space for students to learn about SAP solutions.

The gamescom 2023 and our SAP stand with Team Liquid was an unforgettable and fun experience, with lots enthusiastic conversations and AHA!-moments both for me and our visitors, who were eager to explore the different ways SAP technology is used in esports and what kinds of career paths can result from their passion for gaming.

I hope I see y'all around for next year's edition 😁.

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