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Have you ever learned in a group of 180 people from 8 to 48? Have you ever flew a drone or walked a robot through the SAP canteen at 22pm? Have you ever forgotten dinner being absorbed by a very creative way to get started with coding while modeling your new earing?

If yes, you have been part of a cool, diverse and innovative learning event. If not, it’s time to tell you more about the SAP Young Thinkers Go Digital Night.

At 6 pm, Friday July 14th, a crowd of 180 people from 45 institutions filled the SAP foyer of building 21, ready to be part of the ‘premiere’ of the SAP Young Thinkers Go Digital Night. After a short introduction to SAP, the SAP Young Thinkers program and our partners, the warm up game Rock, Paper, Scissors prepared the participants to rock.

Jens, the creator of Snap! – a terrific block-based programming language for people from 8 to 99 – opened the door to coding with some inspirational demos and literally started a firework of code.

Before getting their hands dirty, all participants enjoyed pizza sponsored by Master MINT.

The biggest challenge of the evening was to choose one of the offered workshops. The portfolio ranged from gaming and IoT with Snap!, robotics and drones to innovative new ways to express yourself with code through painting and 3D modeling your own jewelry.

For those, who prefer self-paced learning or just wanted to experiment, the chill and code area, with a small makerspace, comfy seats and a paperchase through the canteen, was the place to be. It was fun and thrilling to observe people who were strangers 1 hour ago working hand in hand to realize their ideas with code.

In between the workshops, the participants could get a glimpse into the offerings of our partners in crime - vocational training department, thanks for sponsoring the event, SAP Next-Gen,  SAP CSR and the d-shop - in the little market place.

Time flew by. The spontaneous wish of some 8 and 9 year old girls to share their impressive results and learning experiences on stage were a very beautiful end of the common evening.

Taking a look at the colourful feedback wall, nearly all attendees asked for more opportunities like this and wanted to come back.

As ‘customer orientation’ is key, watch out for the next chapter of ‘go digital’ with the SAP Young Thinkers community.

Last not least a big thanks to all our SAP Young Thinker ambassadors and supporters, SAP colleagues from many different departments who fundamentally contributed to this event. Thanks colleagues, you made it happen!



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