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Everyone would agree, that programming is an adequate method to solve problems in informatics, engineering or mathematics. But what about the beauty and joy of computing? Can you use coding to express your thoughts and do something creative?

The University of Berkeley has already proven that programming equally attracts future professional programmers and artistically minded free spirits (or artistically minded future professional programmers ;)). Their introductory course focusing on the big ideas of informatics and their social implications meanwhile has become the most popular one in the university’s portfolio.

Therefore, SAP Young Thinkers and Master MINT went forth to show that programming is the method of choice to make animations, art or embroidery – to create artistic and beautiful projects, as well. In the frame of the EU Code Week within SAP’s MEEt and Code Initiative and under the motto “express yourself”, more than 160 participants from 7 to 74 years and 30 Young Thinkers Ambassadors came together on Friday October 13th for the second Go Digital Night.

Supported by internal partners like vocational training, CSR and d-shop, attendees got insights into the possibilities of programming. After an introduction to Snap! by lead programmer Jens Mönig with the aid of Snap! mascot Alonzo, everyone took off for the first round of workshops.

From controlling the growth of your cress with sensors to stitching coded patterns, from art or game programming to inventing a business idea for your start-up, from communicating with microcontrollers and robots to designing 3D-models, Go Digital Night catered for all tastes. Additionally, all Snap!ers were invited to experiment with their newly acquired skills and ideas in the code and chill area, enabling every participant to choose his or her preferred way of learning.

In between the workshops, the solution experience team made SAP software exciting and understandable for everyone with their industry 4.0 show case.

Qi Gong and warm up games as well as the tasty pizza took care of the perfect balance between intellectual and physical activities.

Time flew by and the voluntary, conclusive show and tell round nearly went beyond the time scope, as more and more of the Snap!ers wanted to share their projects amid a hurricane of applause from the audience.

We are incredibly happy about the marvelous coding celebration and the overwhelming feedback. And by the way, we could prove that programming is a highly creative activity, that you can start learning to code at any age and that Friday the 13th can be an exceptionally lucky day.

Thanks, and a deafening virtual applause for our partners and Young Thinkers Ambassadors - Go Digital Night would not work without you!

And as you know, all good things come in three. We hope to see you again for the next round of our Go Digital Night. To bridge the time until then, you should also check our video of GDN2.


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