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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In times of the pandemic, more and more activities are shifted to our homes. Parents are working remotely, children are home schooling, leisure activities and meeting friends happen online. Thereby, an important part has often not made the shift to virtual - career orientation.

What comes after graduating from school? While the insecurity about future job opportunities grows, possibilities to gain insights into jobs shrink due to a lack of virtual offerings. Additionally, we are facing a shortage of skilled workers in the IT and technology sector. This creates a tension that is not easy to resolve. How can we get young people engaged in a career orientation that inspires them to work in our sector?

Something had to be done and the joint initiative Digital Insights of Microsoft Germany, SAP and Siemens together with the school networks MINT-EC, SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Deutschland and Berufswahl-SIEGEL was founded.

Digital Insights. Together for Your Future.

With "Digital Insights. Together for Your Future." we want to introduce more than 750 students to the world of technology until summer 2021. Through hands-on workshops and a look behind the scenes at (tech) companies, we want young talents to get excited about STEM professions. The idea came to life in March this year and hosts monthly three-day events until July. The events are the first activities from a broader planned initiative.

The three-day events give students the opportunity to gain first-hand information and impressions and prepare them for their entry into the growing IT and tech industry. Each of the companies organizes one of the three days. SAP's day is organized in cooperation with SAP Vocational Training and SAP Young Thinkers. The agenda includes information about SAP as a company, presentations on proximity and corporate culture, tips for applicants, Q&A with dual students, and workshops on IT, business, and creative techniques. The program seems to be convincing - the participants' give great feedback and especially enjoy our hands-on workshops, e.g. with Snap! or the Business Model Canvas. We are pleased that among the inquisitive and committed young people we had the opportunity to meet, there is probably one or the other future colleague.

How to Participate Next Time

The next Digital Insights events are June 22-24, and July 13-15, 2021. Students from graduating classes from grade 9-13 in middle and high school education in Germany can participate. Information and registration can be found at:

If you are interested in content around school education and enabling young people, follow our SAPYoungThinkers tag and check our SAP Young Thinkers topic page.