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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The d-shop Toronto is happy to welcome three new co-op students until April 20th. Cooperative education (Co-op) programs provide Grade 11 and 12 students with the opportunity to earn High School credits through the completion of a semester-long experiential learning placement. Our co-op program is now 6 years old, and this year we worked with the Toronto District School Board. Here are now Sana, Kailey and Syed 

dshop_Sana.jpgdshop_Kailey.jpgSyed Bio Picture.jpg

Hey! I’m Sana. I am a grade 12 high school student. I love reading books, and my personal favourite genres are fiction, fantasy, romance, mythology, and inventive. I enjoy playing the piano though I am not a professional player. I self-taught myself the basics of playing the piano back in grade 8, during my keyboarding class. Ever since then, it became my hobby aside from reading.

I discovered SAP from my co-op teacher, and the funny thing is that I was informed about it the day the applications were due. I loved how my interview went, and it gave me a reason to choose SAP as my co-op placement. I have a dream to become a Mechanical Engineering Technologist. I love the idea of inventing creations. I even came up with some inventions for some of my classes in high school. Two examples of designs I did are designing some aspects of the robot from my robotics club and designing an automatic plant nurturer. I also enjoy creating things that can better the environment and be efficient for everyone. In the future, I hope to have graduated from college and fulfil my dream.

Hello! My name is Kailey and I am currently a grade 12 student. I’ve decided to take co-op this year to work towards completing my SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) and to gain work experience. I’m super excited to be working with SAP for the next couple months and to meet new people. Next year, I’m planning on going to university for computer science or software engineering at one of the Canadian universities I’ve applied to. I’ve always loved taking tech and business courses in high school since it allowed be to use my creativity in designing, problem solving and coding. Some of my favourite courses that I have taken so far have been computer science, marketing and architecture. Outside of school, I enjoy participating in workshops, competitions and hackathons, to improve and learn more about my interests. During my time working with SAP, I hope to learn many new things and be able to implement my skills into working in the real world.

Sports have always been a big part of my life, I’ve made friends, memories and stayed active through them. My favourite sports are hockey and snowboarding, but I’ve also played soccer, lacrosse and ultimate frisbee. In my free time I enjoy watching and playing sports with my family and friends, some of my favourite teams to watch are the Toronto Raptors, Blue Jays and Maple Leaf’s.

To get more involved in school, I join clubs. I am currently an executive member in the Girls Athletic Association at my school, Yearbook club and United Way club. I enjoy being apart of these extracurriculars since they allow me to meet new people, let out my creativity and work towards a good cause. So far this year I’ve run activities such as United Way fundraisers, yearbook meetings and sporting intramurals, and along the way I’ve gotten the chance to meet and work with so many students that I would have never gotten the chance to outside of these clubs.

Hi, my name is Syed I am currently a grade 12 student. I learned about SAP during my search for a coop placement, particularly because my interest lay in a technology related field. After learning more about SAP and about its d-shop, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity for me to get introduced the vast array of technologies as well as how they impact businesses.

Expanding more upon the technology part, I have always been interested in technology. I have dabbled with coding languages, information about upcoming technologies such as bitcoin, virtual reality, or IOT, and participated in many hackathons, using the above technologies to make applications. While my expertise and experience in using these technologies effectively in real life applications, I hope to learn that kind of information while in the d-shop.

Going on from that, working with technologies and gaining knowledge from my placement with SAP also relates with my career goals. One of my long-term career goals has been to impact the world in a positive way that can help the future generations overcome obstacles that have plagued humankind for a long time. Such obstacles include poverty, water shortage, climate change, and racism. While I do recognize that eradicating each obstacle is impossible, doing as much as I can to make the lives of those plagued by these obstacles or those that might be plagued by these obstacles is something that is my future vision. Of course, I do have other long term career goals and ambitions such as creating my own business in the future or creating a technological innovation. However, it is fair to say that those goals will, in one way or the other, deal with removing obstacles for the future generation.

Apart from my career goals, however, I also have some hobbies that I usually entertain myself with. One of them is playing tennis whenever I have free time with my classmates. Sometimes, I also post poetry on my personal blog called Gems of Literature. Check it out sometime! I also like to watch basketball, hockey, soccer, and cricket whenever games for the teams I support are happening (Go Raptors! Go Maple Leafs!).

That is all about me! I hope to learn a lot from this co-op placement and take another step forward in achieving my ambitions and bringing about change to this world.


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