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SAP Young Thinkers  is a program offered by SAP providing students with knowledge, skills, methodology and technology to inspire a lifetime love of learning and the ability to impact the world. We work with SAP colleagues, ambassadors, and a global network of diverse institutions to provide students the opportunity to learn and practice 21st-century skills.

Learning programming can be fun, creative, and easy. You don´t believe it? Just start yourself and drag & drop colorful coding blocks while seeing how your script directly comes to life. You can become an artist, create media, design games, develop artificial intelligence. No matter your previous skills, you will find the right challenge and idea to work on.

You can also use Snap! as an ideal environment for teaching data and computer science. With this openSAP course you set the first mile stone to become a Snap! coach. You can than host your own workshops and use the learning modules as foundation. All offerings are free of charge and can also be used by non-SAP employees.


  • Snap! is 100% open-source and available in 45 languages.

  • Snap! has over 580 thousand users .

  • Snap! users created over 5.1 million projects.

We have several new exciting Snap! self-practices learning modules created together with openSAP and Berkeley for the topics sustainability, art, gaming, and climate change. The learning modules indicate the level of knowledge the learner should have.

Curious now? Then start now with your first learning module.


Name Level Language Link
Snap! for beginners Part 1 Beginners EN / DE
Snap! for beginners Part 2 Beginners EN / DE
Time Lens Project Beginners EN / DE
Stamp Your Virtual Flower Field Beginners EN / DE
The Sparkle of Computer Science Beginners EN / DE
Random Color Walk Beginners DE
Mirror Mirror Beginners DE
Whack Alonzo Game Beginners EN
Art with Geometry Beginners DE
Perspective Programming Beginners DE
Face Animation Filter Beginners DE
Funny Faces Generator Beginners DE
Heartbeat Beginners DE


Name Level Language Link
Ice! The Game Intermediate EN / DE
Writing Home for Christmas Intermediate EN
Parallel Cloning with Snap! Intermediate DE


Name Level Language Link
Clean The Ocean! Advanced EN / DE
Hungry Snake Advanced EN / DE
Climate Change Slider Advanced EN / DE
Selfportrait Digital Rembrandt Advanced DE

You can learn more about SAP Young Thinkers on the Community Page, website, and #SAPNextGen social media channels.