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Hi everyone!

Last week has been very intense in Barcelona (my city). I've had the opportunity to be on the TechEd and then my first SAP Inside Track.

First of all, thanks f502e87dffa543a7957f934e18de6f84 for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to participate.

And of course, thanks to Ayesa for giving me the possibility to attend these events

I was in charge of streaming, thank to rsletta for his tips, we could improve streaming after solve some technical problems. I promise to perform better streaming next year.

I was the opportunity to meet new people from the SAP world some of them from Barcelona.

The talks have been really interesting

With some people that I meet I have one thing in common, the desire to create a local SAP community like those that exist in other cities.

Therefore, if you are interested in being part of this community, contact us. All contributions will be welcome. The idea is to meet from time to time to join and organize some events (like codejam where we ne,ed minimum 25 people).

More information:


And more... Soon