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SAP's tomraftery  presented this today, hosted by svea.becker

Source: SAP

Tom says there is still a lot of confusion about what it is

It is not a product, application but a brand

It is an innovation portfolio product


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Source: SAP

Why are we here? Digital transformation

Source: SAP

Initially Leonardo was IoT

Then in January it was established as a brand

July - Leonardo Live in Frankfurt

Source: SAP

The marketecture slide

Includes analytics

Source: SAP

Machine Learning is used in all types of applications - fraud management, image management, brand identification

Big data - meter readings every 15 minutes versus once a month

Source: SAP

Extract information from the data, and get predictive information

Source: SAP

Data intelligence, blockchain

Source: SAP

IoT with Edge computing to reduce compute times

Source: SAP

More marketecture

Source: SAP

More centers

Source: SAP

Brainstorming, design thinking, integration blueprint, roadmap, development

"start small prototype" and think big

Why would I want one?

Source: SAP

Efficiency led model with Caterpillar, a Fortune 50 company

Wanted a standard operating system for plants - 9 plants globally

Wanted to move to a cloud system to "harmonize data"

They deployed the Digital Boardroom

They deployed Vehicle Insights to obtain visibility of forklifts from loading docks to the lines

They deployed Predictive Maintenance for their manufacturing

IoT Trenitalia predictive maintenance to cut costs; wanted to be more competitive and reliable (against Uber) - save 8-10% on annual maintenance budget and 5-6% greater utilization of rolling stock and spare parts, and increased safety

Saved $20M Euros on fines for being "on time"

Cost of project was $50 million

Port of Hamburg - saved 5K hours per day by having horizontal integration of data

Source: SAP

Co-innovation - track overlap of 15%

Precision agriculture - reduction overlap to 1%


New Business Models

UPS - Tom did a podcast on this.

Using distributing manufacturing for 3-D printing; they have been using IoT - trucks have several sensors in them.

They hold stock parts for customers - if a machine breaks down, send a part in x number of hours

Moving to 3-D printing and ship to customer (virtual warehouse) - "print on delivery"; printing farm in Louisville, Kentucky - 12 hour delivery; building a facility in Singapore - new business model for UPS

Tom said they were "disrupting themselves"

Continental Tires - over the air updates for car manufacturers, remote cloud keys for opening trunks

Using Vehicle Insights for remote data platform - multi brand / blend of vehicle in platform to share information - fleet managers could use this when vehicles break down, due in for service; sell product to service center.  Service centers can use the service as a service.

Average car in the EU is 9.5 years; going to retrofit for older cars

Source: SAP

Kaiser (air ocmpressors) and selling the utility; want the machine running 99.99% of time

You can go to


Next Steps:

Source: SAP


Question & Answer

Q: Why was it necessary to create Leonardo "brand"? It caused a lot of confusion along the lines of "what does it do".

A: Lots of products in portfolio; one name to cover them all.  Initially it was IoT portfolio and now it is the innovation portfolio - IBM has Watson, Microsoft has Azure, Cortana


Q: How does SAP Leonardo apply to small-medium businesses? All use cases are for big companies

A: Depends on definition of small/medium - things are relative

Innovation program starts at $150-$250K

68fdcfd7801242baafce4e6cd1b5d218 added a request for SAP "with a scalable PaaS pricing it should also be useful for SMBs"

Q: Can we deploy Leonardo as a platform/service on the MS Azure? if so can you share some details on how does that work.

A: Yes it can be deployed on Azure


Recording and slides will be posted here