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You are a developer interested in machine learning? You’ve already read some books and posts on the topic, but you still don’t know how to get started? I have some good news for you – we can help!

SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2017 is your chance to learn about machine learning algorithms and the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning portfolio. Take advantage of this great opportunity and join TechEd Las Vegas which is just around the corner, taking place from September 25-29, 2017.

You may ask yourself, why SAP Leonardo Machine Learning? The answer is easy. SAP Leonardo Machine Learning is the mainstream business tool that makes the integration and adaption of machine learning incredibly simple. Implementing machine learning in your enterprise has never been easier. SAP Leonardo Machine Learning products are available as stand-alone solutions, and also can be purchased as part of existing standard SAP products. Thus, machine learning becomes easy to handle — even for beginners.

The implementation of SAP Leonardo Machine Learning services does not require machine learning experts or data scientists. All it takes is a developer connecting our functional and business services made available on the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation. Our offerings are easy to handle on a one-click basis and by integrating our products and services in SAP’s standard products we deliver an end-to-end AI approach from one single source.

At TechEd Las Vegas, our machine learning experts will bring you up-to-date with the latest offerings, news and trends from the SAP machine learning field. Join our SAP Leonardo Machine Learning sessions to take a bold step towards making your enterprise intelligent.

Here is the complete list of SAP Leonardo Machine Learning sessions at TechEd Las Vegas. I hope this helps you to manage your agenda. All machine learning sessions can also be found here.


Session ID Time Title Abstract Session Type

09/26/2017 2:00 pm -3:00 pm

Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Conversational AI: How to Get Started Machine learning, blockchain, and conversational AI are among the key technology drivers of our times. Based on a platform approach, SAP makes it easy for you to get started and build your own apps on top of these technologies. Join this session to get more details and to also find out the initial results from a quantum computing experiment. Strategy Talk by Jürgen Müller, CIO at SAP

09/27/2017 10:30 am -11:30 am


09/28/2017 3:15 pm -4:15 pm
Overview of SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Portfolio Machine Learning has changed consumer applications radically and is about to change enterprise applications intelligent. Get to know our solution portfolio and roadmap. Discover what benefits they offer you! Lecture (1hr)


9:15 am -10:15 am


09/28/2017 5:45 pm -6:45 pm
Learn about SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Business and Functional Services SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation offers two types of services: functional services such as image classification or topic detection in natural language texts and business services such as Resume Matching or Service Ticket Intelligence that solves the specific business problems. Get to know how to make use of these services to build intelligent applications powered by SAP Cloud Platform. Lecture (1hr)


03:15 pm -04:15 pm


09/28/2017 05:45 pm - 06:45 pm

Technical Overview of SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation Learn more about SAP’s machine learning platform from a technical point of view. Get to know which ML services are provided and how to generate ML services based on your own training data or your own ML model. Lecture (1hr)


04:15 pm - 04:45 pm
SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation Roadmap SAP Leonardo Machine Learning foundation provides an infrastructure for a number of Machine Learning applications and services. This session shows what future capabilities SAP has planned to bring on its Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation. Road Map (30min)


05:45 pm - 06:45 pm
How to Deploy Your Own Models on SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation SAP’s machine learning platform allows you to deploy your own ML model. Learn more on how to publish your model on a central, secure and scalable platform. Lecture (1hr)

09/26/2017 05:45 pm -06:45 pm



08:00 am -09:00 am
SAP Leonardo Machine Learning: A Deep Dive on Intelligent Applications Discover how easy it can be to become an algorithm-driven business that lets you automate highly repetitive tasks, support strategic decision making, and turn data into smart actions.  Learn how we integrate learnings from data into SAP applications
and platforms to help business grow, optimize processes, assist employees and make customers happy.
Lecture (1hr)



10:45 am - 11:15 am
Build Custom Image Classifier with SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation Learn how to create your own deep learning model for image classification on SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation powered by SAP Cloud Platform. Code Review (30 min)
CPL725 09/27/2017 12:15 pm -12:45 pm Build Custom Text Classifiers with SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation Learn how to create your own deep learning model for text classification on SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation powered by SAP Cloud Platform. Code Review (30 min)


02:15 pm - 06:15 pm



02:15 pm - 06:15 pm

SAP Technology Highlights Get an overview of comprehensive SAP technology offerings in the cloud and on premise. Review the following technologies in this hands-on workshop: SAP Leonardo Machine Learning capabilities, the SAP Analytics Cloud solution and SAP Digital Boardroom, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP S/4HANA, the ABAP programming language, core data services, the SAP HANA platform, SAP Fiori launchpad, and SAP Screen Personas software. Hands-on (4 hrs)


You won’t make it to TechEd Las Vegas? Not a problem at all. Join us at TechEd Bangalore | October 25-27, 2017 and TechEd Barcelona | November 14-16, 2017.


See you there!


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