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Meet AyTee, an IT chatbot developed in SAP Labs Israel, which enables SAP employees to receive time-saving, effective and “cool” professional IT help, 24/7, anywhere from around the globe!

A Star is Born

Back in February 2017, a member of the Client Technology Workplace (CTW) team, recognizing the latest technology trends, came up with the idea of a chatbot to more efficiently answer frequent end-user questions about IT Services or even to solve minor issues. After building a POC and demonstrating it to management, the idea was at first rejected! But a few months later, and management reversed their previous decision, realizing the potential benefits of such technology.

The product of collaboration with the IT Service Desk (ITSD) team, Aytee was launched in September 2017, and since that time, has helped thousands of SAP employees across the globe with fast access to expert knowledge needed to solve issues or improve their work environment.

AyTee – How Does it Work?

Utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP), AyTee can “understand” written and verbal speech, and connect users to an IT-specific knowledge base, immediately guiding them to the best solution available to resolve their IT-related issues. And AyTee does this in a conversational tone, sometimes even being funny!

But there’s more! Utilizing Artificial Intelligence capabilities, AyTee learns from each and every conversation and feedback received, enabling it to improve results over time.

Another huge benefit of AyTee is its adaptability to multiple platforms. As of today, it runs on three productive platforms: Slack, MS-Teams and internal Web app. But the sky’s the limit!

Sure, AyTee can have its “moments”…

But it is learning all the time, becoming smarter and wiser.

Check out AyTee in action here: