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Co Authored with James Skay

Now live: Machine Learning Driven Recommendations on!

Almost a year ago, the SAP Developer Center moved to its own domain at With that change, we’ve been pioneering changes inside the SAP.COM IT landscape, helping us evolve to a new headless approach with modern web frameworks. There are many exciting changes to come, and here is one we’re excited to announce:

SAP Developer Center has launched recommendations for Tutorial Groups and Missions. These machine learning driven recommendations are designed to help you continue to grow in your Developer journey, guiding you towards related and more advanced learning.

Tutorials have become an integral part of the SAP Developer Center. We have seen over 1 million people visit tutorials with over 40,000 tutorials completed this year alone. There are about 1,000 tutorials, groups, and missions to choose from, and that number continues to grow. With so much to learn, we want to help you find the content that is most relevant and interesting for you, which is why ML recommendations were a natural fit for the Developer Center and Tutorials.

Here’s how you can help: in order for our algorithms (and us) to continue to get smarter, we need data. We need to know if these recommendation work for you, and we need to know more about what you want to learn. Personalized content is key to the SAP Developer Center future: we want to see you become the best developer and know the latest that’s available from SAP. Every time you sign in and complete tutorials, that information is anonymized and sent to our recommendations algorithm. Using that data, we can train our algorithm to get to know you, our developers, better and make more insightful suggestions on how to continue your journey. Please log in, complete tutorials, and help us serve you better!

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