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New incident solution matching service takes SAP’s customer support experience to the next level with enhanced AI technology

To help you get relevant, technical support faster, SAP launched incident solution matching –   a new solution recommender that will run in the SAP ONE Support launchpad driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). As you create a new incident, the system will automatically display potential solutions from SAP’s Knowledge Base Articles and SAP Notes. Spend less time searching for answers. Use incident solution matching and recommendations will be compiled for you in one quick step, before you submit the incident – potentially saving you time and effort.


Incident solution matching is also available for your existing open incidents. When you view or update your open incidents, you will also receive a list of proposed solutions. If you provide additional information, the results will be further refined.

AI Drives Improved Recommendations for new “incident solution matching”

And, unlike the previous recommendation system, the new incident solution matching service uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning for improved results. The more customers use the service, the more relevant the recommendations become. Potential matches are ranked according to their semantic relevance based on incident data.


How to access incident solution matching:

  • Access SAP ONE Support Launchpad and follow the standard steps to launch the incident creation form.

    1. Describe your issue in Subject and Description. While you are typing in Description, “incident solution matching” automatically recommends solutions, and the results are displayed in the left pane. The more detailed information you provide the more matching results you will get.

    2. Select a component from Component field and “incident solution matching” refines the results even more.

For open incidents, simply access your incidents inbox and open an incident to view or edit, “incident solution matching” automatically recommends solutions in the right pane.

There is no configuration needed to make the feature work.

SAP’s incident solution matching service is available for all customers – at no additional cost. Get faster, more accurate recommendations. Start using incident solution matching today!

Want lo learn more about “’AI driven incident solution matching”? Access our live session recording here.


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