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On the weekend the article Connector for SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation appeared in my Google News feed on my phone. I think it provides a nice overview of existing scenarios for SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation. I did not find such an overview by SAP...

Anyway, this made me think about how I could add artificial intelligence to business processes in my context and I tried to come up with use cases, to maybe kick off some kind of proof-of-concept.

I did not come up with any good ideas which would utilize one of the scenarios described in the above-named article. For me, scenarios like forecasting and recommendations would be more usable. However, Leonardo does not seem to have these features!?

While doing some research, I found out that Amazon AWS has a forecasting and a recommendation/personalization engine. There are also some blog posts covering the topic. For example, someone used the AWS Forecasting API and integrated it with SAP to build a simple sales forecasting. Another example is a blog post about a movie recommendation engine.

As an ABAP developer from heart, it hurts a little bit to write the next few lines...but I took the decision to make the first experiences with AI with solutions provided by AWS (and not by SAP). So why did I make the decision? Because it felt easier to reach my goals with AWS solutions. Maybe also because I found the information on the AWS APIs more helpful than these I found on Leonardo. How do you think/feel about this? What's your experience?

Did you already add AI to any of your processes? Are you thinking about it? Which technology are you using?

Curious about your feedback.




PS. Don't get me wrong -  I am not saying there is no (good) information (at all) and I thought it might be helpful to add some of the resources, which I found during my research. There is one openSAP course about Use SAP AI Business Services to Kick-Start Your Intelligent Processes

Moreover, there some sessions coming up @TechEd 2020 (and I added some to my agenda):