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Zebra S600

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hi all,

i've got a Zebra S600. i design a label with Bar-One 'Demo'. i generate a ttf file..., but i cant print.

i need other version of bar-one¿


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Hi Juan,

No the Design software is the same for allmost all the Printers. What is the exact problem you are facing? Could you elaborate on that.

Have you been successfully able to Generate the TTF file and if that is done then copy the TTF file content into your Form which you are using.

Thanks & Regards,


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i print Zebra_demo form well, but if i generate one ttf with a simple variable field dont print.

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There 'is no need for line

/: NEW-PAGE which are SAPSCRIPT code not ZPL.

May be this cause trouble for printing.


Christophe Blineau

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i generate this ttf with zebra..


/ ^XA

/ DFUB0C32-1FS

/ ^PRC

/ LH0,0FS

/ ^LL400

/ ^MD0

/ ^MNY

/ LH0,0FS

/ FO5,45GB203,0,53FSFO21,57A0N,50,50FRFDSAMPLEFSFO258,165GB203,0,53FSFO274,177A0N,50,50FRFDSAMPLEFSBY3,3.0FO75,51^

= B3N,N,100,Y,NFRFN999^FS

/ FO240,256A0N,37,33CI13FRFN998FS

/ ^XZ


/ ^XA

/ ^XFUB0C32-1.ZPL

/ FN999FD&ID_00&^FS

/ FN998FD&ID_01&^FS

/ ^PQ1,0,1,N

/ ^XZ

/ ^FX End of job

i upload it in SAP -SO10, se71- well but dont print :'(

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Hai Juan

You dont need a Zebra bar one tool for printing graphics from smartforms. You need to have propers

drivers and proper settings in place. Take a look at the OSS notes 750772 - Information on the ZPL-II

printer driver for SmartForms

Check the point 5 in the above oss notes:

5) Support of bitmap graphics

Colored bitmap graphics from SmartForms are changed to black and white when you print

from the LZPL printer driver. If the picture quality is affected by this conversion,

change the graphic to B/W with a graphics program (such as PaintShop Pro), and import

it to SmartForms as as a black and white graphic. Monochrome graphics are not converted

by the driver. However, all graphics may be justified to adjust the size of the graphic

to the printer resolution (203, 300 or 600 dpi).

During the import to SmartForms, you have the option to flag a bitmap as "resident".

In this case, the LZPL printer driver saves the graphic in the RAM of the printer when

it first occurs (Device "R:" of the zebra printer). At the end of the spool request,

the driver deletes the graphic again from the printer's RAM, so that no more memory

remains occupied.

Resident graphics during label printing from SmartForms are therefore only faster

if more than one label is printed within a spool request, and the resident graphic

is repeated on each label.