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ZEBRA: ALV clear buffer problem?

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I have a hierarchical ALV (using REUSE_ALV_HIERSEQ_LIST_DISPLAY) with two internal tables: itab_header and itab_item.

Everything is working fine, but now I have set the ZEBRA parameter of the layout to X for the alternative coloring:

s_layout-zebra = 'X'.

The problem I'm facing is that I don't see the effect of my change. <b>I'm sure that my code is correct and that it must be a buffer problem because I copied and pasted my code in a new program and it works...</b>

<b>Is there a program to refresh this kind of buffers?</b> I tried both BCALV_BUFFER_DELETE and BCALV_BUFFER_DEL_SHARED but it didn't solve my problem. It seems like there is already a discussion about this sujbect here: but I haven't found a solution in the answers as I'm sure my code is correct...

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Stephen ROTH


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It will work

Why don't u paste the peice of code u have written, so that it can be solved. else, do u want a sample code to be posted for getting the 'ZEBRA' pattern on the ALV list?

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Here is the code, but as I said I am sure it is correct because I copied and pasted the entire code in a new program and it's working perfectly.

FORM render_alv.

s_keyinfo-header01 = 'ID'.

s_keyinfo-item01 = 'ID'.

s_keyinfo-item02 = 'ITEMNO_ACC'.

s_layout-zebra = 'X'.



i_callback_program = sy-cprog

i_callback_pf_status_set = 'STATUS'

i_callback_user_command = 'USER_COMMAND'

is_layout = s_layout

it_fieldcat = t_fieldcatalog

i_default = 'X'

i_save = 'A'

is_variant = variant

i_tabname_header = 'ITAB_HEADER'

i_tabname_item = 'ITAB_ITEM'

is_keyinfo = s_keyinfo


t_outtab_header = itab_header

t_outtab_item = itab_item


program_error = 1