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I am trying to download an internal table with WS_DOWNLOAD. With one table (others work) the data I am getting is garbled in some fields (see below)

{{{{{ b|{{{{{{S,{{{{{ \

The only difference I can find with the tables is that the one I am having trouble with has a few fields of type CURR and CUKY and it seems that this is where the data is bad.

Does anyone know if there a problem with these data types in version 4.6C?

Thank you,



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I see this is your first posting so let me welcome you to this forum. You will find a lot of good information here.

Now on to your question.

CURR fields are stored as packed numbers, i.e. type P in ABAP. CUKY fields are stored as character. You will need to convert the CURR field to character format before you download it the your PC. You can use the WRITE command to accomplish this:


You can set the character field to the output length of the CURR field. To check that, look at the domain definition of the CURR field in transaction SE11 and on the Definition tab you will see the Output Length.

Also, WS_DOWNLOAD is considered obsolete so consider using GUI_DOWNLOAD instead.

Let us know how it goes.

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I ment to reply earlier, but this did take care of my problem.