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Wrong sum in ALV-List

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Hi experts!

I'm using the SAP-standard-function K_LINE_ITEMS_SELECT_AND_LIST to display actual cost line items for cost centers in an ALV-list. This funtion is called by a double-click on a cell in another ALV-list.

Works wonderful - until this function doesn't select any items. When you call the function after that again and cost line items have been found, the sum in the ALV-list is doubled. If you call the function without finding cost line items four times the is sum fourfold.

Think, there must be a buffer/stack, that I have to reset. Has somebody an idea?

Thanks for you help!

Best regards,



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hi ,

i think you have to clear the workarea before it is again displaying...means after the double click code put clear itab ,

it will exactly works..



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Hi Venkat,

sorry, but I only give the select-options to the standard-funtion. no items, no sums. the standard-function collects the data and does the summation. it shows one item with 100 Euro and a sum of 200 Euro. or 300, 400, .... if you collect a line without items within the starting-alv for several times.

Best regards


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Hi Jens,

is this FM is released by SAP for customer use. If yes then there must be some OSS note for this problem. Just search in OSS.



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Hi Atish,

thanks for your answer. But seraching in the OSS was my first activity, when the problem occured.

I haven't found a matching note

Think I will implement a select-statement before calling the funtion. If I don't find any co-items, I won't call the function.