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Workflow Events for transaction FP09

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Hi All,

The requirement is to trigger a workflow when the user posts a return lot through transaction FP09. I used the event trace but this transaction does not fire any event when we post a Return Lot. I tried to find some user exits but with no luck. Is it possible to fire an event when a field in the database table changes ? The table is a standard table(DFKKRK) and the field is STARS. When this field holds a number 5 then it depicts that the document is posted.

Best Regards,



Active Contributor
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Hi Sudhi,

Have you checked for a BADI? It is not possible to fire an event when a field in the database table changes if no change docs exist.

What specific industry solution/extension are we dealing with here? Both the transaction and table are not available at my installation.

Ramki Maley.

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Hey Ramki,

We are dealing with the IS telecomm Utility. There is a specific function module that posts the document viz. FKK_PLS_POST_LOT. Modified the standard code to trigger the event.